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54 San Juan, Southern Leyte, Philippines
Seeking: Male 48 - 65
i’m Lorna from the beautiful country of Philippines, i’m petite, kind, cute, honest, sexy, God-fearing person, trustworthy, religious & beautiful woman as they say, 😉 with sense of humor & a have big heart.. ❤️ I finished and graduated 3 courses; such as: Bachelor of Arts(AB), Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education(BSSEd), and Caregiving.. and recently I just finished the training of TESDA, which is the Food Processing.. I was working abroad in Cyprus Europe for 5 years as a Caregiver, and I’m here now in the Philippines, managing a store of my pretty sister in my hometown, but due to pandemic, the store was temporarily closed.. I’m living alone in my own house.. Actually, to tell you honestly, i have 2 houses here in the Philippines, one is in the city and the other one is in the province, which is my hometown, but unfortunately, the house in the city was destroyed because of the super typhoon ‘Odette’, in which I like to stayed the most because it’s along the road and infront of the house is the sea, if you want to get the fresh air, & smell the sea breeze from the wind, just a few steps or just a walking distance, it’s just infront of my house.. but since I’m here now in the Philippines, & we have a low income here, and the materials, food, labor/workers are very expensive now, & I can’t renovate the house again,.. that’s why practically speaking, I’m looking for a man here or my destiny here to help me build up the house, & make a business also, I’m not asking or demanding someone/somebody but those who are just interested in me.. and Trusted me.. it’s the same thing when you buy a house & lot here, you can’t have it personally without a filipino/filipina friend that will stand or representative being the owner, because you are an alien here but just make sure she/he is a trusted friend.. but in my house, the house & lot is already mine, so you don’t have to pay or buy a lot, i have already mine, & it’s a house & lot; it’s just that it needs renovation after the super typhoon ‘odette’ was happened.. and you can stay whenever you want or having a vacation or to stay permanently.. TRUST is a big word.. it is the keychain or keyword for having a smooth & strong relationship…. 🙂❤️
20 Tomas Oppus, Southern Leyte, Philippines
Seeking: Male 23 - 35
Hi i'm Criss, i changed my header cause i noticed its so cheesy to say those haha, so i'm just gonna introduce myself properly. My nickname is Criss, (you can ask me my real name on the inbox) I'm turning 22 this december If you ask me why I'm here, its because I'm actually hoping to find my ideal man here and build a family together if possible. and if you think I'm just here for money like others, well fortunately, I'm not cause I'm already an independent woman myself, been supporting myself since i was 19, got a job as a call center agent and so it should explain why I'm good at English. To describe myself, i would say I'm hard working person but lazy at the same time haha, you'll get it why once u get to know me, I am sweet, ambitious and highly driven to strive for something that i really want which is to be successful someday. I wanna be an entrepreneur, i currently have my personal business of beauty care service and would sometimes sell packed lunch to get some extra money. I strive hard to get things that i want for myself, you could say that i have strong personality, but actually i have a soft heart, and sometimes it gets abused and taken for granted. I love animals, I have a dog named "Alas" which is ace in English, he changed my life. I'm also kinda talkative sometimes, and if I'm not, then something must be wrong, beware. If u have any questions, i would love to answer it honestly, and discuss it with you. If there's something that i am proud of myself is that I'm a damn honest woman haha Good luck on our search here!
24 Maasin, Southern Leyte, Philippines
Seeking: Male 23 - 42
Hi, my name is Azel but people close to me simply call me Zelle. I am a Seventh-Day Adventist and my interests are reading the Bible and almost everything about History, Natural Sciences (most especially Biology), archaeology and world literature. I'm an animal, nature and music lover too. Depending on my mood, I spend my free time playing with my pet cats and dogs, listening to good music, singing, cooking, binge-watching almost anything, most especially those related to history and religion, the business world, politics, science discoveries, wild and adventure documentaries, investigative and crime documentaries and unsolved mysteries, reading about history, sciences, discoveries and world literature, chatting with friends, exercising or sleeping. The first thing people notice about me is my height, smile or canine teeth and the one thing that will always cheer me up is foood :D My personality type is INFJ (MBTI) but if I were to describe myself in my own words, I am a very optimistic, bright, energetic, cheerful, kind, thoughtful, respectful, supportive, open-minded, family-oriented and God-fearing person. But being an introvert, my bright side only comes out when I'm in my comfort zone or when I'm comfortable with the people I'm with. My love language is quality time and words of affirmation. I’m looking for someone who likes to keep a slow and steady, healthy relationship built in communication, trust and love and one centered in Christ. My ideal partner is someone who can be like my best friend and partner at the same time. Someone who has a great personality and someone whom I feel secure with (especially in the emotional aspect coz I'm very emotional hahaha). Someone who shares the same values as mine, especially integrity and loyalty. Someone who is family-oriented and God-fearing. And in general, kind, supportive, understanding, respectful, loving, trustworthy, consistent and most importantly, someone who accepts and respects me for who I am (including my faith) but ultimately, someone who can help me become a better person and a better version of myself. I don't like the idea of fighting because almost all problems can be solved by communicating, being open, honest and direct, and being willing to compromise and grow together for the better. Of course, I ask for all of these things because I will also give them in return. I am not in a rush to be in one though, I like to get to know a person better before anything because I date to marry so it'll take time. Oh my, I wrote a lot ..., if you think you're the one I'm looking for, please send me a message and I'll do my best to respond as soon as I can (if I like your profile). Thank you and may God bless you and your search. 😊