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39 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Female 22 - 28
Home type:
Samy Hassan
40 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Seeking: Female 18 - 99
Home type:
I am an adventures individual that loves to take a chance, have fun and to explore what the world has to offer,I believe there are unlimited possibilities and are so many things to experience and an individual must approach life positively and I would like to find someone who equally enjoys to 'see what's out there.if interested ,you can ad d me on fac-eboo.k Hassan Ahmad Haidar Samy or on Sk-ype HassanHaidarSamy I am at the stage of my life where i would like to meet a lady who do want a long term commitment,a family life,a quiet happy simple life full of happiness and respect, and looking to have some fun in her life at the same time.if interested ,you can ad d me on faceboo.k Hassan Ahmad Haidar Samy or on Skype: HassanHaidarSamy .I love Sports,i am a professional swimmer,traveling, reading, Red wine, BBQ mmm & good restaurants, and of course I adore the sun and trying new things.Love to taste new foods... love to prepare, cook and enjoy with friends and to hang out at home watching a moviee.I am in Calgary since 2 years now,i am ambitious guy so I work hard,Building my own business.if interested ,you can ad d me on fac-eboo.k Hassan Ahmad Haidar Samy or on Sky-pe HassanHaidarSamy .My professional life makes me happy and I have been fortunate to have chosen the correct career path. I meet new and interesting people daily.I love people and I enjoy knowing what makes them tick and what life experiences they had made a difference in their live.if interested ,you can ad d me on fac-eboo.k Hassan Ahmad Haidar Samy or on Sky-pe HassanHaidarSamy
57 Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Female 28 - 41
Home type:
Hi..Yes I created this profile just for you. That's wright I already know who I am. If you're searching for qualities such as ; gentlemen, established, mature, respectful, sincerity,active, healthy, supportive with family and friends and able to commit then perhaps you should read on down the page. I'm searching for a life partner. What does that mean ? That would depend on our relationship and what it means to both of us. I do know that no one is perfect including me I will truly accept your imperfections as you should accept mine. If you are able to be intimate and express you inner self then we may have a wonderful similarity We may share certain lifestyle interests? That would be nice but so is individuality. So here is what you will learn about me if you take the time. -That I will be an awesome communicator with you -That you can rely on me. -That I can be passionate about many things -That I can make you smile when you are sad. -That I can make you laugh... yes with tears in your eyes -That I have lines on my face... they are from laughing and smiling... go figure.. -That I'm physically active and actually enjoy fitness. -That I dress for the occasion. -That I am an awesome handy man with my own tools -That I work hard so I can enjoy life -That I enjoy a drama free relationship. -That I enjoy time with my family -That if you take me into unfamiliar territory I will adapt and make new friends. -That I enjoy outdoors nature and cottage life and a day at the beach, -That I believe less is more, more or less -That my inner child is alive and well. -That I am ambitious and focused.... Thank yoga for the focused -That I travel, sunny winter getaway or back packing to experience the true culture of a country are fine with me -That I'm open minded so the possibilities are endless. I'm a Gemini so I will always keep things interesting. That's a lot more than I should have written but it's really just a start. . One final note.......If I contact you that means one thing.......That I would be genuinely excited to learn more about you ! Bye for now. Gord Thanks for making it to the bottom....
38 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Seeking: Female 20 - 39
Home type:
BASIC* 1. Date -- March 29th, 1983 2. Name ^ 3. Astrology sign -- Aries/Scorpio / Water Pig 4. Gender -- Male 5. Eye color -- Blue and Green 6. Favorite color -- Blue 7. Glasses -- No 8. Tattoos -- None...not yet anyways...hehee 9. Location -- Charlesbourg,Quebec 10. Single or taken -- Single 11. Sibling's name -- Mathieu *HAVE YOU EVER* 12. Cut your own hair? Yes 13. Done something in the past month that you regret? No 14. Skipped school? Yes 15. Bungee-jumped? No 16. Punched someone? Yes 17. Cheated on a test? Yes 18. Been arrested? Yes 19. Broken into someone's house? No 20. Been rejected? Couple of Times...oh well, move on ! 21. Been to a funeral? A couple 22. Used a lighter? Yes 23. Been on stage? Of course!! *FAVORITE* 24. Season -- Fall 25. Food -- Anything other than american food...lol..sometimes is good thought. 26. Ice cream flavor -- Cherries and Chocolate... 27. Candy -- Fuzzy Peaches 29. Person -- None other than my Mother 30. Book -- Kamasutra!!!! ;o) 31. Song -- hmmmm?? The Ones I Sing, too many to say 32. River -- Who has a favorite River?? 33. Place -- Quebec City 34. Sport to watch on tv -- Hockey 35. Disney movie (classic) -- Ice Age..is that Disney? 36. Disney Princess -- Beauty And The Beast 37. Name for a son -- leaning on Alexander 38. Name for a daughter -- would go for Kimberly *DO YOU PREFER* 39. Chocolate or vanilla? -- Chocolate 40. Coffee or Capp.? -- Moka...;OP 41. Long relationships or one-night stands? i prefer long term... 42. Dogs or cats? -- Both but leaning more on felines 43. Scary movies or comedies? Comedies 44. Short or long hair on the preffered sex? No Preferences 45. Croutons or bacon bits -- Bacon bits & Croutons mixed *FIRST THINGS THAT COME TO MIND* 46. Chainsaws -- My Grand-Father using one with one arm...very safe ! XoD 47. School -- Good Times !! 48. Cows -- Milk haha and/or chocolate milk for brown cows. 49. Canada -- Best Country In The World !! 50. Mouse -- Itchy and Scratchy 51. Hands -- mmmm nothing....well...maybe massages? *THE PAST 4 DAYS, HAVE YOU* 52. Talked on the phone? -- yes 53. Watched a movie? -- no 54. Cried? -- no 56. Drank a glass of water? -- yes 58. Read a book or magazine? -- no 59. Watched TV? -- yes 60. Looked in the mirror? -- yes 61. Taken a shower? -- More than four haha 62. Taken a picture? -- yes 63. Listened to music? -- yes 64. Told someone you love them? -- yes



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