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49 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Seeking: Female 18 - 48
Your all I ever wanted, all I need, my religion and my dream. Now I'm walking the wire, right into your fire. Your love is like a river that flows, the beauty of the stars and a rose; & I know one day that I will fall, for once and for all. Just say that you'll always be there, & you will never be alone, open up your heart, let me inside; I'll be right by your side. My head says we should go our own ways, never get too close. But when I hear her heart, if she comes apart, I'll be waiting :) -If your IQ is below 70 please stop reading now- Thanks for dropping by, a little about me… Financially stable, Social, Ambitious, Dominant, Adventurous, Loyal I’d very much like to find someone to possibly, eventually, form a long term relationship with.. but to begin, someone to bond with, that special soul, that can be my best friend; & pick each other up, A partner in fun and adventures ?? Let’s be each others' never ending rhyme, beyond the fading touch of time. Smiling is something I do naturally, my ‘default’ state is happy and optimistic, however I am not naive, and certainly won’t be taken for a fool. Finding someone that is my equal, would be wonderful. Lighter and fun are as important as food and drink to me! I’m an individual who likes to see the best in those around me. Will always build, rather than tear down. I'm trusting, loyal, and emotionally stable. Friends would say that I’m humorous, thoughtful, ambitious, and quick witted. I care about the world and its inhabitants, I treat others as I’d like to be treated myself. My vision of a successful and lasting relationship is based partly on tradition, and partly on my own savoir-faire. As a gentleman, I like to open doors for people, I don’t swear (publicly!), I think that it’s important to understand that a relationship is organic, as it never stops growing. Romantic gestures, affection, good communication, and mutual consideration keep things alive; and are obligatory. My interests include writing (alot), eating out, theater, cinema, reading, travel, healthy eating. Sports-wise I like to hike, row, cycle, swim, workout and a few others, fitness is important to me. I write part time to subsidize and already decent income, its something that comes naturally, as the words feel to flow fluidly from my fingertips (I enjoy writing poetry for my special lady:) * Child in photo is my nephew, in case your curious ===================================================================================== Relationships, social experiences, & human nature create paradoxes... Really, we didn't come here to make a choice, we've already made it, and we're here to find out the reasons why - we're torn by our freedom; but safe in chains... We're all afraid of rejection; so lets gird ourself for it, plunge ahead; and lets have some fun. If nothing else, you'll respect yourself , if only for mustering the courage :) That communication sublime, is going to be our never ending rhyme, beyond the fading touch of time :) I'm originally from Fredericton NB, I grew up in the country on a large Arabian farm. I was one bad little f**k, and am glad I was somewhat isolated, or I'd likely have been incarcerated; still I corrupted or pissed of most of the visible neighborhood. I always admired how strong willed those Arabian horses were, some couldn't be broken, their wills were as true as steel. I believe they took the wild and put it back into me, so; I remain unbent, unbowed & unbroken (total subordination is something I don't know at all). I'd lived in Vancouver for a long time, (unfortunately I like the Canucks better than the Flames, so if that's a problem...) I'm still trying to figure out whats going on here in Calgary though, lol. I'm a spiritual person, & very capable of "feeling your pain" ( I really feel sorry for women trying to navigate the online dating world), whether it be physical, financial or emotional; I've been there. I'll bet I know what you mean, sometimes the nightmare chases your dream. The hunger inside may never go, just like the tears that we cry never show. Always be 'mindful', the future does not equal the past, never reside there for too long or worry about the future. Lets stop cryin' over the bridges we've burned, cause that's yesterdays news. Sometimes it feels like the love is all that we never had, like a bolt from our blues. It can be cold, the tale of the tape that's untold. So; shall we change that, and bring back tomorrow tonight? Paint a mental picture of yourself succeeding, hold it there tenaciously, never permit it to fade; forge ahead!
64 Saint-Jérôme, Quebec, Canada
Seeking: Female 24 - 35
And nbsp;Soy humbre feliz, me gusta todo, I would like to sit well in almost all the situation...If hay UN problema...se that hay soluciones y me apply a meterialisarlas en practica. Conoces James Bond? soy yo! escribeme levrai007acomer g correo;coomm!!! ‘correo’ is ‘mail’ in inglés. ASI puedes ponerte en relacion conmigo. Listo siempre para conocer mas. This has changed the way you can change it, and it can change it. For eso mi creatividad, origalidad, MIS reflexiones, its MIS faros. That no seas sorpendida de Constar mis bromas o traviositas carinosas. Me gusta rrsp. Soy Una persona ordenada en mi mente, calmo y alegre. Carinoso, sympatico y ayudante. Soy a hombre fuerte in todos los sentidos main in mi espiritu. Me siento a hombre verdadero, sensillo, well equipolido. Tengo cortesa que gustaria usted, for that our pasamos momentos felices en cualquieras situaciones publicas o intas. If leists hasta aqui, es signo de paciencia de su parte: Ojala! Lo que me llama la atendion: ESTAR a buen consejero cuando Una persona pidus mi opinion. En eso puedo estar tu piedra ( stone in French, Pedro en Espanol) en que puedes confiar con lialidad y disponibilidad. Me gusta build, realisar, estudiar, hear, crecer, mejorweapon de todos lados; ofrecer mi conocimientos a quellos necessitan... Comfortable Estany in el uso mis manos igual as MIS capacidades intellectuales. Mi Psion: el ser humano, sociedad, arquitectura, polititica, economia, properidad. Como el vino, a poco mejor cada dia. ASI son los gran (Cru) cosechas!. No tengo of vicios, a part of ofrecer mucho carino a la persona aquella VA hacerme caher por ella. Soy valiente sin exjeracion con configansa en yo mismo...y mis capacidades. A usted of pruebar. Compentarios of selected fotos 1- the vistado of todos, of cada dia. 2-Promocion of imuable agent...Dar arboles has the poblacion es mi forma original that the gente me conocen Como implied in the ambient medium and per mejorar the garden of cada uno. 3-algo agradable...barba neglijada desde 3 dias, a mumento para mejorar el tiro de pelota de golfo. Mejor that eso?... estar has you lado. 4-he buscado la guija (China o chola Como gustas) por mi Jardin...ahora busco el Chaman peruano that me will ensenar Como los incas pudieron quitar la masa a las piedras...asi totumente ligera podre transitarla a 10 km hasta mi Jardin ( a llamada a todos por el Chaman que saba hacerlo). 5-tras mi corbata hay a quien constructor duerme of a solo ojo...listto para el rompe cabesa de la renovacion...( estuve 13 anos contratista general en la construction).
60 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Seeking: Female 21 - 49
60 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 27 - 44
I am a 1.78 M, athletic build Chinese Canadian. I am a widower and I wish to find a life time partner again. I speak, read, and write fluent English and Chinese. (Cantonese and Mandarin) I am very presentable (no one would guess my age is over 45) and well educated with university degree and professional designations; I have also received The Commemorative Medal of Canada for my significant contribution to Canada. I have a secure professional career and also financially independent. My friends considered I am reliable, mature, knowledgeable and humorous. I am positive, diplomatic, empathetic, and compassionate. I do not smoke or drink. I enjoy life, well-travelled and always helping people. I believe in love and care for the unfortunates. I am living in Vancouver by myself with no dependents. I am looking for that special one to share the best life has offered to us. I believe life would be better if I can share laugh, life and love with that special one together. I value the connection based on mutual understanding, respect, attraction, passion, compatibility and good communication. I have the quality and capability to enjoy my life in many levels and extends. At the risk of sounding immodest, I truly believe I am getting better with age. I am way more sophisticated now than in my 30's and probably in better health. I'm also more confident, know what I want and not afraid to express it. I'm open to new adventures and enjoy being challenged in different directions. Sincerely looking forward to your reply.



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