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51 Carigara, Leyte, Philippines
Seeking: Male 46 - 60
I am the kind of woman who values life and looks at the positive side of things most of the time despite all the trials and challenges that goes with it .I am legally single again after my was annulled back in 2011 . I raised my children all by myself and both are now responsible and productive young adults. I am a good person sometimes to a fault for lack of a better way to describe it.I love honestly, wholeheartedly and passionately.I am not judgemental but I am cautious in this site because many appear to be meek as a lamb but they are actually wolves in sheep's clothing, just real talk. I am a Christian and I walk my talk. As a child this quote has inspired me upto this day, “I shall pass this world but once; any good that I can do or any kindness that I can show to any human being; let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.”by Stephen Grellet . I value my family and find joy spending quality time with them, also with relatives and some special friends.I like doing zumba, dancing , singing, reading and cooking. I like doing outdoor activities too like swimming, gardening, camping, hiking, walking and volunteering activities like clean up drive and tree planting to better our environment. I am a very compassionate person as well, have a soft spot in my heart for children and the marginalized people. I know I cannot solve these problems but we can all be channels of goodness and change if we have the willingness to do our share in our own little special way according to our skills and capacities.Do not get me wrong gentlemen, I am funny and love to have a good laugh and find humor even in difficult situations especially people like me coming from this part of region in my country. I am a survivor of the typhoon Haiyan; the strongest typhoon that ever made a landfall on earth. That makes me a very Resilient woman as well. I am serious when situations requires me to be. I find time to relax and chill, and it will be more fun and meaningful if spent with a partner/ lover/friend- . My personality is ENFJ-Aggressive ( The Teacher)based on the Briggs Meyer Personality and my Love Language is Act of Service and Physical Touch. I am very generous with my smile coz I realized it requires less energy and effort than frowning and an easy natural way to prevent having more wrinkles, lol! And it also makes people wonder what you have been upto with that warm big smile! lol.I thank God that by His grace I am still alive today, at 51years old, it is a privilege denied to many , so I do not want to waste my time, energy and opportunities to enjoy and celebrate life with the wrong person. As a girlfriend, partner and I am naturally loving,caring, giving, affable, affectionate, nurturing . Those sweet simple moments; the whispering sweet nothings with my man is a priviledge/right that my man will receive from me on a daily basis. I am submissive,and most importantly I value and respect my man. Wisdom definitely comes with age and the life experiences are the best teachers we all can have. I can say that I definitely know how to make my man happy and satisfied. I try as much as I could to always keep my HEAD cool and my HEART warm most of the time if not at all times. I do not fret the small stuff! There are a lot to be thankful for than complain. It takes one to know one and it is a process.. So if you think there could be a possiblity of "US" sooner or later, then you know what to do to win a lady's heart!God bless everyone!My photos are current ; profile pic and the other in swimwear were taken last Mothers's day and the next day respectively while the rest were all thos year 2023.