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Heaven Angellah
31 Iloilo, Iloilo, Philippines
Seeking: Male 35 - 50
✨Chubby thick thighs pretty eyes✨ Simple loving and affectionate single mom of 1 kid, never married and 8years single now, I'm turning 32,Im chubby but trying to lose weight and be better for my future husband, I love to read romance/horror books, poems, family oriented and hardworking. I'm not interested with d*ck pics so please atleast be formal if u wanna talk to me, S** is important but not everything, looking for deeper connections where we can get along talk about anything and everything without feeling uncomfortable. Not into sending nudes but I dont mind flirting if I like u. Not your typical Filipina woman, I'm not petite or slim but I have curves and thick thighs 🙈 🤣well they say it saves lives haha... 🦴 aRe fOr dOgS. rEaL mEn wAnT 🥩 Curves are better than edges🤗😁 🤣I'm receiving a lot of indecent messages from men here all I ever want is someone who can love and respect me I'm not a s*x goddess so please don't ask me if I do this and that or if I'm submissive or not...I will be with the right man. I value my body and dont just sell my self short. I have morals and limitations. I know when to get serious and when to have fun. I love hard and will do anything and everything for someone I love...very loyal and faithful when it comes to relationship. Im happy person who loves to laugh very optimistic about life 😁 Been longing to have a family of my own. A husband to take care of, have kids and just have a simple happy life. Please be able to video call that way we know each other is real 😃 I'm not here all day and won't spend my time messaging I'm conversationalist and I expect someone to be able to talk to me Tru video call. I'm a very straightforward person I'm not racist I'm against it but I don't date Muslim or any other religions aside from Christian or Catholics. I'm not dating younger men too. I know what I want please respect it😊🙏 I'm already 31years old and ready to settle down and have a family,If you're smoking or smoking WEED please don't talk to me I just don't like someone smoking anything 😅 I'm not that picky I just want someone who's consistent with their actions and really meant what they said. Not someone who's only good from the beginning of relationship 😕 I'm dating to get married and I want the love that lasts I know I'm a hopeless romantic ☺️ I wanna start life and love this one man...I'm tired of sharing memes so can I share my life with you instead? 😁 I don't usually send message to anyone because I know men here are bombarded by messages from women, so YOU! Yes YOU, if you're meant for ME😁 come and get me!😄😁 Please send me a message if ure really sincere with ur intentions... will only respond to someone who have a picture on it. Thank u and Have a great day . PS:‼️‼️‼️ Don't message me if you're a free standard member please 😅🙏 we're not gonna waste our time playing charades here I'm not gonna waste my time guessing ur number or ur account. Please have a common sense not to message someone if ure a free standard member coz we won't be able to read that message okay?😅 I'm not here for games, I want a man who knows what he wants and knows how to get it😉 U can look me up in my social media account using my name here🙂 to see if I'm real or not if u message me and I did not reply means I'm not interested 🙂 salamat for reading my very long profile❤️
31 Janiuay, Iloilo, Philippines
Seeking: Male 30 - 34
35 Iloilo, Iloilo, Philippines
Seeking: Male 35 - 45
I'm not looking for company or mere companionship. That's for souls who hate to be alone. I like myself and l enjoy being alone but I'm not lonely. I desire a passion that builds between two people who have a deep and mutual craving for one another. You can't create chemistry outside of a lab. You can fake it, but you can't make it. So I won't settle for "company" until I find the one I breathe fire for. I'll hold out, and keep the kindling stocked and ready to ignite. It's all or nothing for me. I refuse to be loved in half measures. I didn't spend years teaching myself that I am worthy of oceans for you to show up with a knee-deep love. I don't do half efforts or half-truths, and I most certainly don't do half-hearted or half-love anything. Things either touch my soul deeply or not at all. I don't wanna see myself pleading for faith, honesty, commitment, communication, and consistency. I don't wanna find myself desperate for courtesy, care, and respect ever again. I'm no longer accepting the bare minimum, never again. I'm worth more. I'm not begging for common decency. It's time to demand what I'm worth. Don't disturb me if you ain't ready for me. I'm a timeless blessing, not a temporary fling. "If you plan on being mine, boy I'll be your blessing, shining knight." This is a very short and concise description of my personality to avoid a long introduction. I'm a combination of both sigma and alpha woman, but more of a sigma. You'll have to discover the rest. I'm at the stage in my life where I don't wanna be crazy in love anymore. I wanna be calm in love, patient in love, happy in love, and understood in love. I may come to visit the USA soon. I started the visa process again. Of all the things that are happening in this crazy world right now, I came to realize that it's about time to make the most of my time left here on earth. I don't want to live life with regrets. So I'm facing my fears and taking more risks. I honestly want to just love and enjoy life, that's the loudest voice I keep hearing in my heart lately. I want to listen to that voice. I will love more, fiercely, deeply, innocently, and wild. I will live a big life, the most authentic life I could ever have. If you want to join me in this new journey while we are birthing a new world, be ready with a warrior's heart. I'm not looking for a deserter. This is not for the faint-hearted. It's not going to be an easy ride baby. I'll see you on the other side!!!