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49 Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
Seeking: Female 20 - 60
Upgrade : \NI don't know why my age and nationality were wrongly stated here, Unfortunately I can't change it. i'm 64 years young by an retire status! Please note I am not interesting in an Philippine lady which want to leave the Phillipines to relocate to any other foreign country outside of the Phillipines ! Please read my profile first and well if you are not in my Searching preference don't let us waste our time in drop to contact, THX.\NI would like to make it clear that I do not match my age, either externally or internally, I am in good shape, fit, healthy and very active in sports, My photos are up-to-date and not photoshop edited. i try to eat healthy and be thankful and pray for every day in let me be feel fine. \NI DO NOT Drink alcohol, DO NOT smoke, DO NOT TAKE DRUGS, OR ADDICTED TO GAMBLING!\NI DO NOT HAVE A BER belly and I'm not soon either!\NI'M A family man and love children.\NI AM responsible, Able to bond and an absolutely loyal and faithful partner who only has his queen in focus !!!\NI have a strong character and am always very direct and honest!!!\NIF you are expecting or looking for an old spiritless and sex-weary Grandpa guy, sorry .... Better click next ...!!! If you are looking for a daily challenge and feel able to fill the space by my side with love, affection and many activities and tame my hot blood, then please do not hesitate to contact me... Well, I am now in the status of a retiree and intend to relocate to the Philippines for the rest of my life in the hope of sharing this time with my future queen and through all of the ups and downs, Difficulties and happiness with real love and affection ... Hope to create our own family with kids. Thank you very much for your attention and your interest in me, I was not expecting that... \NI am overwhelmed by the many letters and just a little overwhelmed, actually, I didn't want to be forced into the financial upgrade because I didn't expect such a flood of letters... However I \"try\" to answer all letters please give me the chance to find the time for...\NI will try my best to answer everyone which read and understand my profile well and meets my criteria...!!! please do not be disappointed or upset if there is no further contact, Thx. Ultimately I have to make a decision that will certainly not be easy I only have one heart with one love for one woman to give away.... When I decide on someone I want to get to know her better and during this time I give her my full attention I. Don't date or text several women at the same time ! Please forgive me if my decision goes against you and the only answer is \"no thanks\", I appreciate your attention and effort, \NI wish you the best of luck and success in your search for your soulmate, take care and stay bless... \N First of all if you expect to find an rich one in me, sorry I am definitely not one of them moreover I am not an sugar daddy !!! \NSorry when I am disapointed you now but I am poor and not rich only rich by good nature I am very simple and down to earth man... \NPlease don't compare me by other man I am not an pretender and liar don't speak in empty promises I am not here to have an Sex holiday fun time nor to find an Sex affair adventure in taken a woman to use her for pleasure and then exchange her For the next one to going on with....\NI stood by my words and promises my attention is honest, serious and pure. You will never see that my eyes will go around to flirting and I am not an cheater I am very faithful man ! \NYou never find me in Redlight district area nor in Bars or Massage parlor or by an Freelancer lady connection, this is not my understanding way to find a real love woman to build a last long term relationship. \Nno, I don't judge nobody finally I am not free from mistakes and I am far away in be perfect I am also an poor sinner under gods eyes to pray for forgiveness..... \Ni only just want to make my point clear and distance myself from something like that..... \NWell I am growing up know very well what I really want and need what I like and love further what I hate and dislike and what I am expecting from my future and relationship and what I will never go to accept in... Well I can and will take My time in find my future queen even if it takes longer.... \Ni have learned by my past mistakes and by my good nature to be very careful and selective to whom I give my heart, love and trust I am very tired from all these fake ladies and tired of all disappointments.... \NPresent me respect and I shower you with respect otherwise stay away from me, THX for your understanding. \Ni am always ready and not shy to fight for my family, and kids.... \Ni am very hot mixed blood and I am not simple to handle in tame me a woman by my side must be always ready for this challenge... You will never see me raise my hand against you ! \NOnly cowards and weaklings beat women, children, Old people and people with a handycab....\NI am not looking by my age be good in shape and try to live healthy I am very strong character and always straight by words I am not an yes sayer or fairytail talker I never let me forbidden my mouth nor try Talk wrong and bad things nice I call them by name.... \NYou will find me always at the underdogs side because I am one from them never forget my roots and culture and tribs stick strong in... \Ni come from a very poor and weak social background ! so if you are now still interesting in me please don't hesitate to contact and ask me what you want to know about me.... \Nbut please note only real and authentic ladies, dishonest, pretender and liars also visa and money grabber stay away and please click next, THX. \NWell I am not desperate I can and will take my time in find my future queen even if it takes longer....\NI am very careful and selectively to whom I give my heart, My love and my trust ! Finally I am tired of all these fake ladies and disappointments... \NI like music - soft rock, soft pop, RMB, soul, gospel, romantic love songs, my homeland music..... \NLike to eat very hot and spicy like my homeland with hot chili, garlic, ajvar, onions, paprika... Like Fish, Lamb, beef, chicken, Turkey... no porc, no pig !!! \NLike family life... Like to spend my time with my sweetheart.... Like to play with kids.... \NLike to ride fast motorbike.... \NLike Sport... \NLike to swim in the sea and big waves.... \NLike warm weather the blue sky, the sun, the sea and the beach.... \NLike calming area small island with nice beach....not so overcrowed. Like Family, Kids, Animals and Nature... \NFirst of all I adore and love my future soulmate... \NIn my future relationship things like falseness, pretending, lies, dishonest, hidings and secrets have no place ! \NFake love or when money follow love takes not my attention... \Ni like to kiss 💋 and cuddle, like romantic times and an rich various sex life.... \Ni don't like Smoker, Drug Taker and Alcohol Drinker, Party Mouse and Disco Queens..... \NCheater and unfaithfull ladies.... \NI don't share my dear one...!\NI am not interesting in an long distance relationship I want and need my queen every moment day and night close by my side... \NWant to relocate as soon as possible to the Philippines when I have found the right one I have looking for....



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