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36 Doha, Ad Dawḩah, Qatar
Seeking: Male 33 - 54
37 Doha, Ad Dawḩah, Qatar
Seeking: Male 32 - 51
40 Doha, Ad Dawḩah, Qatar
Seeking: Male 36 - 50
Not desperate to find someone .An outdoor enthusiast, laid back and free-spirited person, ill choose boxing over yoga, Leather over gold. I’m a type of person that you can bring anywhere and not to worry about, I can be classy or Crazy😅, not afraid to get dirty. Dogs, Camping, beach, mountains, trekking, kayak, biking, hiking, running, water sports, off roads, I am a frustrated surfer😅. Sunset, beach, sunrise, red wine, sushi, cooking, eating and lot more. Of all these, still at the end of the day, I’d also love to stay at home and absolutely do nothing. I can live without tele, but not music. I’m currently living in Qatar and been here for 8 years now. I’ m a single mum and I am working hard to support him as well as my Parents. I am here to find a friend who could eventually be my lover or a . I don’t like rushing things when it comes to this as I already failed few times. I am very optimistic, see things happens for a reason, good or bad, works hard to get what I aspire in life. I am family oriented, I have a close family tie. I am in love with nature, and I am planning to settle down in a country side someday when I retire. Non-stereo type, I don’t go with what most people are into, I like to be different, I can get along easily with crowd, I don’t get intimidated, I know what I am and know where to put myself. I dont get impressed with sports cars, dont like a show off type.I am very respectful as much as I want to be respected, active and have a strong personality but quite sensitive. Very observant with everything and appreciative. Treat me right and I’ll treat you more than that. For my relationship that failed, its because they did not see what is front of them. Generally, I know how to treat a person or my man, their wants and needs and should be vice versa. I am believer but not religious, I mean, I don’t go to church every Sunday, for me being religious is not measured on how often you attend an obligation mass, it’s just how or what you do on your daily life, know what is good and not, but I do pray every day.. Generally, I am a good person and I know I am awesome. I’d prefer to hear the sad truth than comforting lies, tell me my flaws I would appreciate that. If you want to know more, I would be pleased to tell you more. Good luck on your search.
39 Doha, Ad Dawḩah, Qatar
Seeking: Male 36 - 40
Sometimes, to describe one's self is a complex task so I will try my best to define myself in an unbiased manner. I am a woman who doesnt like malls. I go there if needed and not go there to kill my time. Malls and amusement parks doesnt really amuse me. :D I dont dress to kill, I dress for comfort. I am half liberated-conservative. I like dogs. I think they're the best ever. We are not suppose to judge people but yes i do that. I judge someone from his values and ethics. Manner is a big deal.If a man doesnt have those, I lose interest. Im not the kind of girl who will talk first to anyone. I observe. I like watching crowd from a distance. im curious about human behavior, I finished Sociology. Staying under one roof and to be with that person for eternity is a one time shot. Im not a fan of divorce. I have high respect for men who are hard working and responsible and provides the best for the family. For me, these type of men deserves the best pampering and treatment ever. I used to like reading then internet ruined it. I try to stay updated with current events. I like a good conversation where I can get and share knowledge. Im more impressed with a man who knows exactly what he's talkin about. I am a kid at heart, and tries to do things that makes me happy in order to protect my heart from aging. I can deal pretty well with kids. I think its my talent. :p I play a little of drums and guitar too. I sing a little. cook a little. knows how to hold a hammer and a saw a little. ;) I am a certified daddy's girl, and I think it'll be forever., very stubborn and determined. careful and careless. happy and sad. a young girl and a grown up woman. i am shy and friendly. I would love to meet someone who is strong mentally and emotionally. He can be weak at times too, and I can be strong for him. I have not used drugs or any illegal substance in my entire life and is not addicted to anything except coffee. I would love to meet someone that I can be addicted to. lol This typing can be endless. So, let me reserve a few to be discussed in the future.And by the way, sunset at the beach and camping are just amazing! And who ever gets glued reading this, if you think its interesting, please write something. Do not just press the interested button, a hi and hello won't hurt that much. :) and lastly, impress me with your brain, not with your looks and bank books... I can pay my own bills. Welcome to my life! :)
26 Doha, Ad Dawḩah, Qatar
Seeking: 29 - 45
Thank you for READING. I'm Bianca, I came from Philippines Now I'm working as a nanny here in Qatar, (My job is not who I am as a person) I know I can be something better in the future. My future plans is to find another job, where close to what I am passionate about, I want to become a yoga teacher , painter and world traveler.. I want to study psychology (human behaviour) In the end of 2021 I am planning to travel in central asia or east Asia and become an au pair in europe in 2022. Wishing to find friends and maybe building a strong relationship . Sounds unrealistic for my current situation right? I'm into self development, and healing journey. Where I'm in the midst of self discovery. If you're an engineer, pilot, lawyer, manager or any high payment job. Is my economic status is more important to you? I'm grateful and thankful that I have a job right now in times of crisis (Covid19) I'm open minded, we can talk about EVERYTHING, I'm independent, adventure seeker and I love to learn and try new things, exchanging of ideas and thoughts about some things in life, I like philosophy, psychology and Arts. I do yoga everyday as part of my day. I paint in my free time and watching psychology and philosophy, podcast and audio books on YouTube as a way of learning.. I'm currently practicing handstand and wim hof breathing Method. I love it! I'm not into materialistic things, I only chasing life experience and gain more Knowledge. So if you find it appealing to you, we can chat and get to know each other. In the future I would like to go on mountains rock climbing Camping, do scuba diving and free diving, I also like to try the ICE BATH!!! Fins me hereeeee----‐- YouTube : YOGA HEALING JOURNEY



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