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48 Brooke's Point, Palawan, Philippines
Seeking: Male 45 - 60
I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Registered Nurse. I just finished my Master's Degree. I worked in a hospital as a Staff Nurse in other country before, but now am back in the Philippines to manage my family own business (located in Quezon City, Metro Manila and in my hometown Brooke's Point, Palawan). Smart, thoughtful, generous, exciting, fun to be with, sweet, caring, loving.. that's how my friends and a few people closer to me says about me and they really like my sense of humour. I describe myself as independent, loyal, honest, sensitive and detail-oriented (which is prominent characteristics of a Virgo) , a good listener, i love giving advice to friends if they needs it, i don't engage into nonsense arguments, am a peace loving person, i love doing business. I am not perfect (nobody is) i have flaws. I know how to put myself in somebody's shoes. I am a one-man-woman, no kids and never been married... I love animals particularly dogs, we have plenty of them as pet and serve as guards. I could sing.. singing and listening to good music are my stress reliever aside from driving a motorcycle and 4-wheels in a countryside/province. I believe that happiness is not out there, it's in you, it is in ourselves.. from within. So i am a happy woman that's why i want to share my happiness with you. Don't send me likes if you never read my profile. How can you like a person if you don't have any idea who she is? I understand men are visual creatures, you were only attracted to women based on what you see. I want to hear from you. Feel free to message if you want to know more about me. My profile is verified (i sent a copy of my driver's license)... meaning i am real and genuine. Fyi, the original color of my hair is black, just dye it in balayage color. Only my hair color is not real. Life is too short. Why need to cheat with fake profile? Bad Karma is digital now, it returns quickly. Don't waste my time. Btw, i am not a paid member here, so if we're both standard free member we both cannot read each other's message.
39 El Nido, Palawan, Philippines
Seeking: Male 37 - 45
im crazy, can be funny, adventurous despite being accident prone, a good girl friend, outgoing, i like meeting new people and learning from different cultures ------- well, that was the short version of the profile. I first got into Cupid only because of curiosity, simply because ads about it can be found in a lot of websites.. And because I was on bedrest and was sick. Yeah, I know, it's a weird way of recuperating from a flu. Anyway, I was reading the testimonials and the "success stories" of the web page, and honestly just laughed it off at first. I initially had my doubts and even raised eyebrows about this whole online dating thing. I mean, when you think about it, people can really invent themselves online, right? Then I started to view profiles. It is interesting that there actually are a lot of people here. And with a variety of personalities. And WOOOOW, the tag lines, most were mushy, some aggressive, some downright funny, and there are a few who exuded sincerity. After all, people can only do the best they can. That being said, I am here NOT because I am in a desperate need to find a partner. I think finding friends first is essential. If something develops from the friendship, then, well and good. If not, then, at least I gained friends and penpals all over the world. As I said above, I love learning from different cultures. I also like healthy discussions on a variety of topics. I love love love great conversations. I like to listen to people's insights on things. That's how I learn. I like to chat, but i like listening more. I am flexible with people. I am open-minded and I do not like to judge people. I believe that each person has a story to tell, and experiences to learn from. I like learning from people from all walks of life. Respect is the only thing i require when initiating a conversation. If you start your letter with lewdness, you can be sure I won't reply. I love to LAUGH. i sometimes think my laughter is not really the ultra-feminine, dainty kind. But who cares, why hold back on laughter. I like observing people, especially at airports. And one observation is that adults are not fond of smiling and laughing, as compared to kids who find happiness in the littlest things. I would like to think I am that way, I find beauty and happiness in the simplest things. That's why I can say I am still a kid at heart. My favorite hobbies are swimming, going to the BEACH, READING, badminton (though I am not sure the sport loves me back, haha, I try though), eating (Yes, Filipinas love to eat, haha), SLEEPING, going out with friends. I like wall climbing, I wish I could go rock climbing, I like being on planes, and i wish I could skydive someday. =) I was raised in a Christian home and schooled in a good all girls school for elementary and high school. i believe I have a good values system. College and further studies has also broadened my horizons and my thoughts to ask beyond what's obvious. I love MUSIC. I listen to a broad range of music, from R&B, pop, love songs, "emo" songs, Broadway, reggae (Bob Marley!!), classical, rock, alternative, meditation/Buddha bar. But I cannot appreciate the extreme trance, some country songs, opera, and super-slang rap songs. I love animals! especially cats and dogs. but I have no qualms holding a leopard gecko, iguana, snakes, birds. just please not cockroaches! i have an intense disgust for them, especially the flying ones. i dislike them more than mosquitoes and flies. oh, and i dislike rats. yikes! haha. I have a varied dress style. On one hand, I love my chucks! =) But I also like dressing up and being all girly-girl sometimes. I do get comments from people about how i look different when I am dressed down, and when I make even a minor effort to fix myself. I like it that way I guess, to surprise people that I could shift modes. However, I do not conform to anyone's view of beauty. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. And yes, WHAT IS ESSENTIAL IS INVISIBLE TO THE EYE. I value beauty of the soul, and a clean heart over and above the external, because a handsome/beautiful face may change with time, but what is within, holds more value. However, I also give emphasis to health and fitness. I am a pesco-vegetarian, both for health reasons, and because I once saw a video back in high school of the brutality of the meat industry. As much as possible, I try to run and/or swim laps 3x a week when I have the time. I love my family. I uphold the importance of family that runs through Filipino culture. I have my own religious beliefs, but I respect and am willing to listen to other beliefs and religions, etc. I actually like healthy discussions on the matter. I value meeting anyone real, honest and interesting, even as a friend.
41 Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines
Seeking: Male 35 - 50
It's funny how most men here talk about wanting to find love but don't want to read a very long profile like mine. I'm not sure if they get intimidated by an intelligent woman who knows what she wants, and they would rather talk to a girl who can't even write a decent profile for herself. Well, I guess that's sexier, huh? 😝😂 Nobody wants bullshit and nobody wants to waste their time. So please do us both a big favor by reading everything that I have written here. If you don’t have the time to read everything on my profile which only takes 5 minutes, you’re welcome to leave. Some people don’t write much coz they’re afraid that they’ll run out of things to talk about but I believe that we will always have something to talk about if we’re meant to be together. I've had my share of pain and failed relationships and I don’t wanna go thru that over again. That’s why I need to be clear about the important things that I want and don’t want.. things that turns me on and turns me off. Reading my profile will also let you know some of my values, and part of my personality. So it will also help you decide if you really wanna have something to do with me or not. 😉 I have a teenage daughter that I love so much. Family and friends are very important to me and we take care of each other. I have a big family so it would be nice if my partner understands family values. I am a licensed professional Chemical Engineer. I love to sing and play the guitar, but doesn’t mean I’m good. 😄 I have an interest in photography and it’s something that I would love to be able to learn to do as a passion without worrying whether or not I earn something out of it. I love sunsets, sunrises, the moon and the stars and the beach. I love to travel. I am not a good cook, but at least I would still make us something to eat.😅 I am clean and organized, and it’s kinda difficult for me to rest my mind if my house is a mess. Unlike most women, I don’t like wearing jewelries. I am not the materialistic type of girl. I don’t believe in spending large amounts of money on bags and shoes and whatever it is that makes most women happy. I guess I can call myself a minimalist. I don’t like buying things that I don’t really need. But I still try to reward myself with things that I want but I would like to keep them at a minimum. For me, material things will only give you a very short lived happiness. So I would rather spend my money on experiences, food, travel, and things that will create happy memories, whether with family, friends, or the person I love. It is also important to me that my partner understands this and the value of money and that he doesn’t spend it on useless things. If I could choose between the city and island life, I would choose a simple island life. Well, I still wanna be able to access technology and everything but I would really love to spend the rest of my life being close to the beach. 🏖🏝 I am more on the introvert side. But I can also be crazy 🤪 at the same time especially with people that I am already comfortable with. There will be times when I don't talk much but you will still feel my presence and love. You can watch a movie while I sit next to you and read something. We dont have to always enjoy everything together. We can do things separately while still feel each other's presence.💗 I try to be healthy, both physically and mentally. So I try my best to eat healthy food everyday. I also eat junk, but I believe in balance. I can eat western food but I enjoy Asian food more. I exercise at least 5x a week. Just to keep my body and mind in shape. I do a little bit of meditation and affirmations to feed my mind positive things. I seldom read or watch the news, coz I don’t wanna feed my mind with negative things that I can never control. I am a fun person and I hope my partner is not too serious. If we can still make fun of each other even despite some difficulties in life, then that would be awesome!🤩 I hate being with someone who complains about everything, even just the smallest things. I think that there’s still a lot to be grateful about. They say that as we grow older we get grumpier, but I really think that it’s up to us. We always have a choice. Whether we wanna focus on happy things or the opposite. Love is not enough. I believe that for a relationship to work, communication, and respect should always be present. And we should also be able to manage and plan our finances. Financial security is very important. I don’t believe in credits or loans. For me, spending what you don’t have is a very unwise decision unless it’s an emergency or something very essential for us to continue living. Arguments are part of being in a relationship. However, I would appreciate it a lot if we can argue or fight without yelling at each other. I mean, we can still talk about the things that made us upset without being hateful, right? I am not a saint, but I don’t like a man who says curse words all the time. I don’t like negative/toxic/angry people. I don’t wanna be with a partner who sees only the negative almost all of the time. I don’t wanna be with someone who constantly thinks and talks negatively about other people, almost to the point that he’s doing it just to make himself look good. This really turns me off. If you can’t say anything nice about a person, then don’t say anything. Kindness goes a long way.💜 I don't appreciate flatteries, when words feel fake and empty. I know what I am. I know my value. But I am also very humble at the same time. I also don’t rely on words. If you love me, don’t just say it with words. Express them with gestures. Sometimes when we say the words too often, it loses value or meaning. I can see thru bullshit and I can’t stand plain stupidity. Especially if you’re purposely doing that just to get my attention. I love spending time with my man but I also need time for myself. I mean, I assume that we both do. I am not bothered doing things just on my own. I think that in order for us to truly love and be happy with someone, we need to be comfortable and able to love ourselves first. We need to feel complete as an individual. In reality, our happiness doesn’t have to be dependent on others. But of course, life would be so much happier and easier and wonderful with someone we love and loves us just the same. I love cuddles and kisses🥰, so I expect my partner to take care of his personal hygiene, like taking a shower everyday, brushing his teeth 3x a day, like I would myself. My teeth are far from perfect but I like to keep them clean, along with every part of my body. I don’t like a man who smokes cigarettes. I'm allergic. I'm a very light sleeper so if your snore bothers me, I think we can do something about that. Like me wearing earplugs at night. And I can only sleep with the lights off. Getting a good night sleep is very essential to me since I can lose a significant amount of weight whenever I lose hours of sleep. I believe that sex should be both enjoyed by two people who love each other, and that it should not be forced but should rather come naturally. There will be times when I won’t be in the mood to do that, so I expect you to understand, and not make me feel guilty for saying no. Everyone has boundaries. Me being your partner or wife doesn’t mean you own my body, or my whole being. I don’t like being grabbed or touched in my sensitive areas in the public. We can do that inside our home. But if the timing and place is right. I hate gambling. I think gamblers and liars go hand in hand together. I also don’t want to be with someone who is into illegal drugs, including marijuana, although it’s legal in some places. I can’t stand bragging. I think that if someone is really good deep inside his heart, everyone will see that. I will feel that. You don’t have to tell the world that you’re a good man. Humility, intelligence and a very good sense of humor… these are the qualities that I find very sexy. If you’ve reached this far and read everything, let me know by typing Rumpelstiltskin when you leave me a message. I will not ask you for money so please don’t ask me for nudes either. I would never do dirty things for you online so if you’re into that kind of stuff please just skip me off. I am a standard member, so if you’re also a standard member, please don’t waste your time sending me a message that I will never be able to read. Unless you leave clues on your profile, like your Viber . I don’t always check this website so if I haven’t responded, that means I haven’t read your message yet. Unless we have decided to exchange contacts on Viber.