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34 Clarin, Misamis Occidental, Philippines
Seeking: Male 42 - 78
34 Clarin, Misamis Occidental, Philippines
Seeking: Male 43 - 76
I am hoping i / we can have this chance to get to know more deeply in each other. I want to help you learn more about me and I am willing to share my love and myself in you as long as you are one woman man. being loyal to each other makes the relationship grow and more stronger. I have been hurt before and I am here hoping to find the “ love of my life “ the one who I call “ my “ the reason I wake up every morning coz you are there when I open my eyes. The reason of my smile coz you makes me inspired and most of all the reason why my heart is still beating coz you are inside.. I am maybe sentimental, but im just being true. i am telling you this coz I am very vocal of what I felt. I am very expressive. I had a boyfriend before but only played my feelings and make me his punching bag.. I receives all the punches and kicks.. but ive move on. now I am here letting you know that woman should be treated fairly coz we have feelings too.. I am willing to go there to you if you want me too. willing to relocate if given the chance. I am single Filipina woman with a good heart and best love to give and share to you. just love me and I will love you in return. I am not materialistic woman. all I need is your hugs of love …I can work to help our daily needs. I can be your to take care of you. I can do both.. just love me and not hurt me… I worked abroad before, either way around if you come here in the Philippines I can meet you. or if you will let me go there to you I am willing too. age doesn’t matter, im 35 yrs and Young at heart that is willing to share my love to you. it’s the love that counts and how we build our own castle of a strong foundation of love. How we make our own love story and how we build our own home sweet home. I am willing to accept if you have a child before, I am willing to love him . her as long as they are willing to accept me as part of there life. I am willing to love and take care of them like my own.. all I want is to love me back in return. Though loving someone is not that easy but for sure, I am easy to love and I am easily to fall in love. I hope this letter of my will give you an idea of how sincere and focus I am into . If given the chance to have our first date, i will bring you to church first. any church we can pas by. to have a blessing in what we are about to build. a strong foundation of love that will last a lifetime. If you will be my boyfriend, what do you want us to happened? If given the chance to be my boyfriend, would you come here in the Philippines? Or you will let me fly there to you? do you want to fall in love again? do you want to get married ? would you allow me to get to know you deeply? I hope … il pray .. one day that we will share love and life with each other.. i dont have smartphone here since lockdown i sell my phone and buy a small keypad phone to stay contact to the company that i apply for job maybe they are hiring.. i buy foods for survival and it really dont last that long.. thats why i am doing this community volunter job though no salary atleast i have a bed to sleep and a shelter to stay for free. regarding foods i have to find ways on how to survive.. one day i can eat im ok with it. just drink plenty of water.. sometimes no donations, then drink water.. well, this pandemic really give us a lesson.. save to survive spend more time with family.. i hope one day this pandemic will end and i hope we can build our own family and spend a lifetime with love and respect. i can call you send message if you will give me your number. or even email add send my pics there.
31 Bonifacio, Misamis Occidental, Philippines
Seeking: Male 38 - 55
To my future love.... Hi handsome! I wonder where you are and what are you doing ...I do not know who you are but I know you are out there looking for me the same way I am looking for you. I know life will bring us to each other at the right time in the right way... As of the moment, I have no idea who you are. I keep thinking about you regularly..I keep thinking about things we'll do upon meeting each other. Your scent when I hug you for the first time. How your hand will feel inside mine....how it will feel to look into your eyes when we first meet at the airport ....I get so excited with these thoughts because they are real... you are real! I think about all the things we will do together as a couple What I have in these thoughts is a faceless man, a man with an unknown identity, but you are out there and could be reading this letter right now .... crazy ehhhh lol Oh, how I long for you to meet you . How I long to experience those sweet everyday things with you...By that time that we've met, I know that the long wait will be worth it. As for now, I'll just have this coffee to start another chapter in our book. Who knows, maybe in the next chapter, you'll already be identified? Only fate can tell. Thank you in advance for existing. Even though I don't know what you look like, or what you are going through in your life right now ....I know you will be the best face my eyes have ever seen. As each day passes it's just another day closer to meeting you. See you sooner than later, myking 👑 Sincerely, Your future love, Mae😘❣️
35 Panaon, Misamis Occidental, Philippines
Seeking: Male 42 - 75
Hi hello how are you dea ? hows life doing there? Hope you and your family are all well there.. I am a community volunter nurse and I am currently doing a volunteer job in the morning from 8am to 5pm here at the clinic in the mountain., I help, serve and assist those fellowmen and women we had here for they cant afford to go hospital. They don’t pay ask, we don’t receive salary but some give as fruits, vegetables, foods, or little token and mostly say thank you. this is a self dedication job for I am giving back what I learned and what other nurses help to me and my parents, when I was a child my parents will just visit in the clinic to ask medicine, check up and even foods to nurses. Until my mom when to heaven only ask help in the clinic. So with my father, I live alone, I support myself alone but for sure, someone is destined for me.. I am in the site, hoping, waiting, praying to find a man that is willing to be my friend, best friend, lover and . not just today, tomorrow but until our last breath. I am into .. a lifetime commitment .. I hope we can share love and life together. I hope one day our path will across and chemistry sparks as love develop. Age doesn’t matter, love and respect does. You just born early than me.. love me and don’t hurt me.. I know the feeling… ive been there before.. my xboyfriend kicked and punched me.. I know you are not that kind of person.. I am hoping you will accept my imperfection and willing to love me… I am willing to love you and stay loyal to you until our last breath…I am interested in you and I am willing to build a lasting relationship with you that may lead to … build a home of love ..best regards
35 Oroquieta, Misamis Occidental, Philippines
Seeking: Male 40 - 76
hello hi how are you  ? how was your day? its me jessica,, sweet loving matured single woman from philippines. looking for a man that is willing to love and be loved. either you are white ,  black  or any color as long as you have a heart that is willing to love and share your life and love with me.  i am not looking for a rich man that can give the world,but  i am looking for a man that can give his love and life with me and hold hands together to face our future together. i am descent woman with dignity , hardworking willing to help you in our daily needs. volunter nurse and working as a private nurse at night as my part time job so that i can live buy foods to eat. living alone is not that easy, im the only daugther of my parents ( went to heaven ) day by day is a great challenge for me to face i know i can make it and i believe one day we will share life together. help me get to know you. and i will help you learn to know me and love me. im easily to fall in love and easy to love. age doesnt matter, love does.. its the love that counts and make our relationship grow and stronger. can we have the chance to get to know each other? would you allow me to know you more? any children? any ? if we have the chance to be gf and bf, would you come to the philippines? or you will let me go to you there? i am into goal here.. no time for games and playmates. im old enough for that.  i want to let you know that i am interested in you.. i am hoping to share life and love with you as we go on another journey of life called .. again, i am jessica and im interested to get to learn more about you..
36 Panaon, Misamis Occidental, Philippines
Seeking: Male 47 - 73
simple nursing woman living a simple life here in the mountain doing volunter work. due to pandemic lost job thats why i do find ways on how to survive and since i am a nurse i do volunter here in mountain from 8am to 5 pm and sell eggs at night time . i have been working abraod before as private nurse but last 2 year, jan 17 i came back here in the philippines coz of father is having stroke and need to be take care coz i am the only child and my mom went to heaven already. i took all the responsibilities as a daugther , i paid the hospital bills, medicines and even the saddess part is the burial.. i lost all my savings from working but im ok i gave back the sacrifices that my father raise me. he went to heaven a month  after hospital feb 17,.. i was about to go back abrod to continue my work / job as a private nurse suppose to be flying march 28 but airports are lock down , boarders are close.. so i stayed here in the philippines and do nothing. as i realized i have nothing left.. how can i feed myself.. there are relief goods from government but not that much, its 10 kilos rice and 5 pcs of canned goods it wont last long.. so i did find my ways on how to support myself, i have smart phone , clothes, bags and other unneccessary things that i dont need ... i bought higher price but ended up selling cheap one coz all need fund to survive but some still buy.. i have money and i apply for jobs but no vacant or the company is close due to covid. i buy keypad phones to stay connected to the company that i applied for job but i ended up as a volunter here in the mountain, i dont receive salary but only donations from the people some of them will give money, some foods, some just say thank you.  dear..being a frontliner is a very tough job but a fullfiling one. but there are many hardheaded..until now i am here working as volunter.. i am in this site hoping to find a man that is willing to love and beloved. willing to share life and love with me until our last breath. i hope this pandemic is not a hindrance yet a challenge to all of us.. and i hope whoever did this virus my have conscience .. i had my past relationship and it was a great experience in my life, i was his punching bag and still cheats.. i ve learned from that experience and i am here ready to love and be loved again coz i believe men are all different if my x hurt me, well, thats what he is.. i am here willing to love and be loved..