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31 Laoag, Ilocos Norte, Philippines
Seeking: Male 33 - 65
Hi there! if you happen to come across my profile, please know I'm not new to dating sites but I'm also not a fan of any of it. I know how this work and if you're here for games, kindly skip my profile and find someone to torture. thank you! today 11.21.22 I am creating this dating app, to again try. to meet people and again find myself asking the same questions hoping that I'll find my person here. lol I used to be madly crazy in love with the idea of love itself. in believing that every people you meet are the one destined for us, and in the end.. they bring pain and lesson we learn. I hold on to love for so long because i thought it was real. A love that I thought I deserve, a love I felt and thought knew I deserve. I stayed in situations I thought were my only chance at love, that it's the only love I can and will have. until I guess I bump my head into a concrete and woke up. lol (forgive if I put humor on serious matters sometimes, it's my way to cope with pain and lessen them. I guess) enough of the silly things... here's what you need to know about me, I am currently working in Taiwan as a factory worker, yes, I exist! lol I love the outdoors and on my normal shift, I like to stay indoors and sleep. read books, watch and relax. I love books and listening to podcasts and I do meditation to calm myself and my nerves. lol I'm a shy person, talkative and loud when u get to know me but I'm reserved at first. I love sunrise cause it reminds me that there's always a new day set to shine upon us. I love also the sunset, somehow looking at it sets in the sky brings joy and peace inside. reminds me of my childhood. I love looking at the sky. the moon and the stars above. ahhh! I'm a hopeful romantic, yes. not hopeless but hopeful. I'm hopeful that we have that “person” meant for us where we are not too much. I love writing down my thoughts sometimes. I love nature, tho I'm not a fan of hiking. I love the beach tho I can't swim. Hah! Things u need to know. lol ask me anything...ill answer when I'm free.
25 Tungawan, Zamboanga Sibugay, Philippines
Seeking: Male 30 - 60
Hi ☺️ First of all, I am Jenepher, 25 years old, living in Zamboanga City. I am the fifth of 7 siblings. READ FIRST BEFORE YOU JUDGE ME 😉 I hope you open your eyes and read carefully about life and experience before you judge me. I just want to be honest and true, I'm not new here, last 2014 I made FC but unfortunately I couldn't always open because at that time I really had no experience to communicate in English and those times were very difficult for me that's because I couldn't even speak and understand what I was talking to properly, so I was so embarrassed and lost my appetite that I didn't open it. until I thought about studying in the alternative learning system to learn and understand the English word and then fortunately I was able to finish 2 years so I am very happy that I learned so much because it is also a dream to fall in love in a foreign country and live in another country country. until 2022 last February 23 I decided to do FC again to continue to find my true love because I did it again, and I met a foreigner who I thought was him so I decided again that my account is closed and I focused on our relationship, but then unfortunately we didn't last long either our relationship only lasted 2 months and it was too much I was down during those times, I thought of just giving up and don't when I pushed myself. but the LORD is really there he didn't leave me and that's what I think if I try and believe the word even if he's not the one for me, there really is someone who is for me ☺️ I just want to be honest, I'm also one of those who believe that I love you and will you one day 😔 What is your life story? I am ready to listen and share stories so that we can get to know each other better just think that I'm a book ☺️ and if you are someone like me who is unlucky in love 💯% we will get along ☺️
34 Clarin, Misamis Occidental, Philippines
Seeking: Male 43 - 76
I am hoping i / we can have this chance to get to know more deeply in each other. I want to help you learn more about me and I am willing to share my love and myself in you as long as you are one woman man. being loyal to each other makes the relationship grow and more stronger. I have been hurt before and I am here hoping to find the “ love of my life “ the one who I call “ my “ the reason I wake up every morning coz you are there when I open my eyes. The reason of my smile coz you makes me inspired and most of all the reason why my heart is still beating coz you are inside.. I am maybe sentimental, but im just being true. i am telling you this coz I am very vocal of what I felt. I am very expressive. I had a boyfriend before but only played my feelings and make me his punching bag.. I receives all the punches and kicks.. but ive move on. now I am here letting you know that woman should be treated fairly coz we have feelings too.. I am willing to go there to you if you want me too. willing to relocate if given the chance. I am single Filipina woman with a good heart and best love to give and share to you. just love me and I will love you in return. I am not materialistic woman. all I need is your hugs of love …I can work to help our daily needs. I can be your to take care of you. I can do both.. just love me and not hurt me… I worked abroad before, either way around if you come here in the Philippines I can meet you. or if you will let me go there to you I am willing too. age doesn’t matter, im 35 yrs and Young at heart that is willing to share my love to you. it’s the love that counts and how we build our own castle of a strong foundation of love. How we make our own love story and how we build our own home sweet home. I am willing to accept if you have a child before, I am willing to love him . her as long as they are willing to accept me as part of there life. I am willing to love and take care of them like my own.. all I want is to love me back in return. Though loving someone is not that easy but for sure, I am easy to love and I am easily to fall in love. I hope this letter of my will give you an idea of how sincere and focus I am into . If given the chance to have our first date, i will bring you to church first. any church we can pas by. to have a blessing in what we are about to build. a strong foundation of love that will last a lifetime. If you will be my boyfriend, what do you want us to happened? If given the chance to be my boyfriend, would you come here in the Philippines? Or you will let me fly there to you? do you want to fall in love again? do you want to get married ? would you allow me to get to know you deeply? I hope … il pray .. one day that we will share love and life with each other.. i dont have smartphone here since lockdown i sell my phone and buy a small keypad phone to stay contact to the company that i apply for job maybe they are hiring.. i buy foods for survival and it really dont last that long.. thats why i am doing this community volunter job though no salary atleast i have a bed to sleep and a shelter to stay for free. regarding foods i have to find ways on how to survive.. one day i can eat im ok with it. just drink plenty of water.. sometimes no donations, then drink water.. well, this pandemic really give us a lesson.. save to survive spend more time with family.. i hope one day this pandemic will end and i hope we can build our own family and spend a lifetime with love and respect. i can call you send message if you will give me your number. or even email add send my pics there.