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32 Koronadal, South Cotabato, Philippines
Seeking: Male 29 - 49
Height: 5'5" (164 cm)
I m not bad woman I been hurt and broken hearten a lot of times and I been single for 8 years and I am here because I m ready to love again I wanna try to meet foreign man that will be my life time partner I m here for real and serious and no lies no games no lies nor secrets I am willing to meet in person and willing to relocate and move to live to another country I m just an ordinary woman but I have a words of honor and most especially I am Appreciative and lots of respect and I am willing to share anything and everyting I am serious about love and relationship and I m truly sincere and I prefer to find matured man I want to share my story about my bad experiences I found my chat mate before his name Keith manwell I meet him on here that was 2003 Then he visit Philippines and we're staying together for every 15 days. And he was visited here 5 times But then 2004 his disappear for no reason and one day I receive message to his daughter and she said her dad already found filipina to his country At that time I was devastated and depress because I was so much inlove him although his old and matured but I can give all the love care and support and I love him not because of what he has I love him cos I thought he was real to me He was promise me to bring his country but that s not happen because his worry a lot about his children and his not really divorced with his ex maybe that's the reason why he give up on me But 2005 I was finally move on and now I m here and try again for the last time I m here because I don't want to look for Filipino man anymore I don t have any trust them I wish to have foreign man who love me and who give and start family and who want me as his
27 Valenzuela, Manila, Philippines
Seeking: Male 24 - 45
Height: 5'6" (167 cm)
Good Day Everyone ! i wiLL introduce to you myseLf first . My Name is Era ;)i am simpLy Living in a simpLe community here in ManiLa . i dont want to taLk about age cause for me Age Never Matters . i Live with my famiLy but soon i want to be independent so i can expLore so many things in Life , different things . My Hobbies are watching TV especiaLLy the so caLLed PhenomenaL Love Team Here in The PhiLippines which is the ALDUB. they captures tha heart of many fiLipino citizens because they teaches us how to be a good roLe modeL of proving to somone that you truLLy Love him/her they aLways say that Love is not in the rush so you better wait for the right time and for the right person :) thats what i want aLso . i dont want to rush things especiaLLy when it comes to LOVE for i do beLieve that if its God's WiLL and if God Gave Me That Person then definiteLy that person deserves me . and that person is meant for me . i do Love surfing the net ofcourse . im very passionate about finding the right guy for me thats why i tried to create an account here just to try my Luck :* but the most i Love of aLL the things im doing is to cook ! I LOVE COOKING :) especiaLLy to the peopLe i Love 3 my speciaL teas are FiLipino fishes ! i Learned aLL of this cooking skiLLs of mine with my Mom :) if i found my right guy here ... i wouLd Love to cook for him when we keet someday ! The Right Guy im Looking for is not about his PhysicaL Attrinutes of a person, not about his age and definiteLy not about what he has or not . the right guy for me is the person who can understand me and wiLL never Leave me eventhough sometimes he cant understands me :) the person who can Love aLL of my good things and bad things . the person who can prove to me that LOVE KNOWS NO BOUNDARiES . the person who can shout out to the worLd that he is proud of me for WHO i AM AND WHAT i AM ! and the right person with pure good intentions to get to know me more and a wiLL within his heart to meet me . the right person that aLso beLieves that THERE iS FOREVER 3 Thank You So Much For Visiting In My ProfiLe ! Dont Be Shy To Message Me . I Will Never Ever Ignore Someone Who Has Good Intensions With Me . Im Looking For a Serious ReLationship Here So If You Are Just Here For Having Fun Or Sex Chat Shit Thing . Please Dont Bother Me AnymoreAnd Dot Ever Message Me ! Again .
30 Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines
Seeking: Male 27 - 49
Height: 5'6" (168 cm)
Greetings! I'm Thrish, 25 years old, from Cebu City Philippines. I'm a retired ramp model for 7 years, a beauty queen, a business woman, an event organizer, a teacher aide, an NGO fund raiser organizer, a government licensed life insurance agent and a managing school director of my small private elementary school that which is a business partnership with my father. I AM A VERY DRIVEN PERSON. I have a strong passion to achieve my goals and ambitions in life, for me to know my purpose on earth. My true character as a person, imbued with the Spirit of God and powered by my confidence, allows me to achieve anything that I aim for. EVERYTHING I HAVE, I WORKED HARD FOR IT. I achieved everything I have from my own blood and sweat from the earnings of my sideline jobs during my teenage years up to this day on as well as from my small businesses. My parents can surely provide my needs and wants when I was young, but ever since I was 14 years old, my independence kicked it early. I knew straight away what path I want to take, modeling. So I started working as a ramp model and I lived a really blessed teenage years compared to the others; I traveled for work and juggled my college degree at the same time. Since then I learned to never depend on anyone to make me happy. I’M A SPIRITUAL & RELIGIOUS PERSON. The daily Gospel from the Bible is my daily bread and my source of life to surpass each day whatever comes along the way. NOTHING CAN CRUSH ME NOR ANYONE WHO CAN DESTROY ME AS A PERSON BECAUSE THE LORD GOD IS ALWAYS THERE FOR ME AND EVERYTHING I DO IS ALL FOR THE GLORY AND HONOR OF GOD. I DON’T PARTY IN CLUBS, only beach parties. I DON’T DRINK BEER, only red wine. I TOTALLY DON’T SMOKE. I LOVE OUTDOORS. I’m crazy about all outdoor activities, most especially the beach. I love to travel and take road trips even with no directions on where I'm heading for just as long as I have my complete baggage and a map; that’s what I call pure adventure. I ENJOY A GOOD LIFESTYLE. I do yoga and a couple of few exercises to keep my body toned. I eat healthily except when I am on vacation, I treat myself with yummy foods. I love the sun and my sun kissed tan is a must. I can’t survive a day without music for it plays a huge role to make me feel good and active. I love to travel both luxurious and simple way of traveling doesn’t matter to me. I enjoy singing, dancing, writing and cooking. MY LOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING. I may have achieved certain things in life, but it never changed who I am and in fact, it made me better. There’s so much in me than what you see or perhaps with your first impression of me. I have always heard from people that I look proper, strict and intimidating but once I start talking and they get to know me, I’m really not anything they thought I am. I can be smart, but I can be silly and I like to make people laugh. I can be a lady like, but I can be so wacky and seldom messy too. I can dress up posh, but I can dress simple too. I like putting light make up, but I am not afraid to go out without it too. There are many sides of me, but all of them are good. I’m the “no skeletons in closet “ kind of woman. I’M HUMBLE, DOWN TO EARTH AND FLEXIBLE. I easily get contented to things and to the people that God has given me simply because I KNOW MY ROOTS. I may not be perfect, but I never consider my imperfections as a hinder to strengthen my self-esteem. I ACCEPT MY ENTIRE SELF COMPLETELY THAT’S WHY I LOVE MYSELF AND IT’S EASY FOR ME TO SPREAD LOVE TO OTHERS. PS: To the women here and on the other dating sites who uses my identity, uses my pictures through facebook and copy paste my writings to uplift your financial benefits know that I take it as a compliment, but note that you scammers bring such disgrace and shame to our country.



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