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24 Caibiran, Biliran, Philippines
Seeking: Male 25 - 99
Hello there I'm jenessa 24 yrs old maybe young at age but matured in mind. Would you believe that this woman have been through a lot? Anyway I don't know anyone in here so no one can judge me about my experiences in life if I write it in here. Would you believe that this woman right here had been through a lot? I was betrayed by the people I trusted the most , she ruined every relationship I've had, my relationship with my family, friends, ex boyfriend. I don't understand why because I've been good to her all the time. I was working as her personal assistant and I was stay in. As I remember It was started when I got pregnant and then she wanted to adopt my baby but I did not agree with it. Of course my ex boyfriend knows about my pregnancy and it was my first baby so we're both excited but that happiness turns into a nightmare all of the sudden. One day I just received a message from my ex boyfriend that he found out that he's not the father of my baby because I had lot of boyfriend as he stated. I was shocked I don't have any idea what he's talking about. I don't know what's happening, I even asked him and beg not to leave me because I was on my pregnancy but he doesn't care anymore, go and see a doctor abort that baby stop making an excuses. I've almost had a miscarriage many times because of stress but the doctor said your baby's holding on, maybe I don't have any idea what you've been through now but you have to be strong for your baby. Then after a few days I received a message from my sister my parents don't want to talk to me anymore, I don't know why I don't remember anything wrong I've done to them and my friend blocked me, I feel like what's happening? What's going on? I give birth to my baby they're the only one who's there with me I was thankful to them. But when my baby got home I was forced to do the housework, even though I'm still at the age of healing, even my babies crying I was forbidden to go there to feed her. I have to finish my work first before I can hold and feed my baby that was almost 2 weeks. And suddenly I found out that it was because of her, she did ruined everything because she did not get what she want? So after that I leave in their house to go to my parents house but then my relationship with them was also not good because she did ruined it even though my parents not talking to me at least I can feed my baby every time she's hungry. But you know I admit that wasn't easy. She posted me on social media, she did ruined my image, so I deleted my account there. I was crying every night before, I can't help it to the exceed that I don't want to go out in my room, every time when I feel like I'm giving up I ask God that I don't know if I can hold it any longer but please help me to be strong. And then one day I just woke up like I'm okay, I look at my daughter how I realized that I have a treasure next to mine. I realized I didn't see her worth, the joy she was given to me and the strength she was given me because she's the only reason that I didn't give up maybe because I was focused on the pain I felt. And then after that day I was okay, it feels like I accepted everything. I already move forward and here I am looking someone special who'll put a special place in his heart for me and my daughter.