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58 Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Seeking: Female 40 - 55
Now I could say a lot and say nothing about me as a human being, but hopefully my basic profile information can answer those initial questions you may have. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE READ THIS PROFILE CAREFULLY to see if this works for you. I do not want any misunderstandings between us on how I present myself as a person, what I'm about and how I live. So take the time to consider everything I say here, thanks. So with that said, I can say that I'm no more than just a SBM "beach bum" (in spirit because I still have to pay bills) who deep down enjoys life to the fullest and appreciates each day given to live. However, as it was once said in a song, " I'm so tired of being alone...", lol. ALL THIS COMING FROM A GUY BORN AND RAISED IN NEW JERSEY, USA (on the famed NJ Shore in the heart of Bruce Springsteen country)! Bottom line, with having done numerous things in my life (salesman, news writer, printer, etc.), I have most importantly always been (and still remain) James (which is my first name). Nothing more, nothing less!!! What I'm good at is having ALWAYS had a curious nature about the universe, the world, and more importantly myself (in attempting to identify my relationship among all of three of them) who is constantly seeking knowledge. I'm really good at looking at THE BIG PICTURE and seeing all the individual parts (most importantly MINE!). Learning to understand how each one works within it, I find at times these parts may (in some instances) not work well together. However, I will ALWAYS accept responsibility for my part and will work very hard to make everything work well together. This I have come to understand through the spiritual teachings that were instilled in me throughout my life. So, I believe that a higher power greater than myself has a purpose for me that I must fulfill before my life comes to it's end. As long as I do "the next right thing", (or at least make an attempt at it), I believe that I've taken a step closer to completing that purpose. Now (at times), my approach to life can be also humorously sarcastic and brutally honest while attempting to live life, but I know that what I say is not meant to be cruel, it helps me to "KEEP IT REAL!" with not only with others, but more importantly, with myself. Currently, what I'm doing is working for the US government (while attempting to complete educational goals that I had put to the side because of living like a "beach bum"). I moved back to DC (in 2013) because I wanted to step back in time to a place that I fell in love with long ago, but NEVER appreciated it
55 Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Seeking: Female 24 - 41
Interested in action, adventure, traveling to interesting, exotic locales and being intellectually and physically challenged? No, this isn't a recruiting ad for the military, but I hope my profile caught your attention because this is how I lead my life -- with a passion and tenacity in my career, unconditional love and support for my family and inner sanctum of friends, and the spontaneity and yearning to experience all that the journey of life has to offer. Me: extroverted (the ultimate human chameleon who I firmly believe can relate to people of all walks of life and find the common denominator), friendly, witty, honest, chivalrous -- who knows how to treat a lady, always with the utmost respect and courtesy. I work extremely hard zealously representing my clients in court, and find my chosen profession rewarding knowing that I can truly make a difference in somebody's life. Believe in striking a balance in my personal life, and my competitive nature drives me to play hard in all of my endeavors . Am an advocate of having a sound mind as well as a sound body, thus I am always striving to learn something new and challenge myself physically to see how far my body will take me. Took up marathoning several years ago, and have run 10 so far (NYC and Vegas were my favorites). Anything I feel worth pursuing in life is only done full throttle and that has made all the difference. I am coming to the Phillipines for business travel later this year and would love to meet a wonderful girl for a long term relationship.
46 Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Seeking: Female 20 - 44
Have you ever been really attracted to the power of a man's words, while reading the profiles of the men here on this website? And the warmth of his amazing words just began to wrap itself around you and penetrate your thoughts. You began to surrender and you begin to wonder and have certain outstanding ideas. As you allowed that warmth to heat up into the hottest fire of desire, and as your heart begins to pound hard with the excitement of that, you realize there is something dynamic that you got to have deep inside. Think hard! You know this is true! So feel me... Reading my profile will be exciting, like being almost done with reading an amazing novel and wanting to put it down - knowing sleep is needed before the sun rises - but you can't stop reading because your attention is held captive... and your eyes are forced to continue reading - each word - because your interest is being controlled by a dynamic force that is stronger than you are! SO HUWAG BASAHIN ANG REST NG MY PROFILE, KUNG HINDI MO BA A PAGKAMAPAGPATAWA! My name is Charles and I am a true Alpha male. I am a combination of cool/calm/collected, controlled and unbridled passion. I am also affectionate, ambitious, caring, dominant, down-to-earth, fun-loving, generous, honest, intelligent, loving, mature, motivated, open-minded, positive, respectful, supportive, understanding, unselfish and forthcoming of spirit. Mahal ko ang Diyos, mahal ko ang aking kapwa, mahal ko ang aking sarili, mahal ko ang aking pamilya, mahal ko ang aking mga alagang hayop, mahal ko ang aking bansa at mahal ko pangingisda! I LOVE GOD, I love my neighbor, I love myself, I love my family members, I love my pets, I love my country, I love my lifestyle and I love fishing! Yes family is VERY important to me! Family carries an implication of permanence and a presumption of continuity. Also, I live my life baby momma-free, drama-free, drug-free, disease-free, excessive emotional baggage-free, hassle-free... and I truly believe cleanliness is godliness. And I guarantee you not only will I not mess up your life. In fact, I will actually help raise neatness and organization in your lifestyle to new heights. Hey, that sounds like you and I will have a worry-free and trouble-free relationship! INTERESTED? If you are a smart woman, you definitely should be. Here is why: A woman with a smart mind will always be more successful than a woman with a smart mouth. Yes, I am truly a N. E. R. D.- a naughty, educated, respectful and dominant man. And I am definitely neither an abusive MMA or UFC sparring partner; nor a baller; nor a cheating boyfriend; nor a credit/debit card or ATM card parasite; nor your new chatroom chit chat companion; nor a compulsive liar; nor a deadbeat dad (or deadbeat babies daddy); nor a drug dealer; nor a D boy; nor a gangster; nor a gangsta; nor a G; nor a gigolo; nor a gorilla; nor a guy looking for a woman to him so he can apply for a green card; nor a horny, howling hound dog; nor a killer or a killa; nor a lame, lazy, good-for-nothing loser; nor a "let's just be friends" seeker; nor a lousy lover; nor a mack daddy; nor a Mandingo; nor a metrosexual meathead; nor a mind games contestant; nor a pedophile; nor a pen pal; nor a pervert; nor a phone sex addict; nor a pig; nor a pimp; nor a playboy or a player or a playa; nor a pretty boy; nor a psycho; nor a naked photo of you collector; nor a separated spouse hoping to someday be forgiven and trying to work things out; nor a serial killer; nor a sexting seeker; nor a shotta; nor a Sugar Daddy; nor a sneaky unfaithful ; nor a text messaging addict; nor a thug; nor a weak wuss/wimp; nor am I a "damn, I don't like kids and I don't like pets either" type of man. So that is why you don't have anything to worry about! How do I earn a living? I work in the field of social rehabilitation. And I regard my work as making a contribution to society. I am a law enforcement officer - a correctional facility or penal institution or prison facility shift supervisor. I manipulate and shape young minds and I get a real buzz doing it! Yes I am a hardworking; a hard to get your hot little hands on (hey lady, hands off the merchandise!); a hard-to-handle-type of man. I AM PROBABLY TOO HARD FOR YOU TO HANDLE! I will prove it to you this way: Yes I am a well-mannered (sometimes WILD)  male mammal. My friends tease me and call me a black beast with a heart of gold. That is because ever so often I do something totally unselfish, lovingly humanitarian, very generous and spiritually compassionate that benefits the greater good. That is why you don't have anything to worry about. So do not be scared of me. I WON'T BITE YOU! Okay, I told you a lie. If you were to get to know me and get too close to me... WARNING! I WILL EAT YOU! And I will bite you real hard on your soft rear end but you know that is what you want me to do to you. lol JUST BE YOUR FRIEND? I already have enough friends! And you probably have a lot of friends, too. Then who am I? I am the affectionate, attractive, clean, demanding, dominate, fun-loving, honest, intelligent, kindhearted, loving, mature, no-nonsense, open-minded, optimistic, positive, respectful, sensual, serious, sxxual, sincere, stable, trustworthy, uninhibited black man in the United States - who wanted more - to whom you said no. See, I do not accept that! Here is why: if you were to get to know me, date me, romance me and establish a long-term relationship with me, you will not just be falling in love with and establish another disappointing relationship with just another nice guy / weak wuss / lazy, low life, lame-xss loser. You will be getting to know a man who is stronger than you are emotionally, financially, intellectually, mentally, physically and spiritually. You will be falling in love with me! Yes, it may be too late to have a happy childhood, but it is never too late to have a happy adulthood. And guess what? It is definitely not too late to SEND ME A EMAIL MESSAGE AND CONTACT ME! I guarantee you will love the results! If you are truly stinky (ooops, I meant to say if you are truly sweet), supportive, submissive, straight, special, sober, smart, sly, slippery, sincere, slow (I am not going to chase after you because I cannot run fast or run very far), sloppy, slender/slim, skinny, single, sincere, sexy, serious, sensual, sanguine, sane and safe, then what in the HELL are you waiting for? YOU ARE SPECIAL! YOU ARE MY SOULMATE! QUICK! CONTACT ME RIGHT NOW! I am sure you could send me a message perfectly well. But I can probably do it faster! SEND ME A MESSAGE and be right, be first, and "one-up" another young, smart woman who truly wants to improve her current lot in life... and end her search for strength. Okay, what step must you take to continue this conversation? Paalam, Later, CHARLES



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