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67 Towcester, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom
Seeking: Female 26 - 51
Retired early, preferring warmer climates to stuffy offices. Still doing a bit to keep me occupied, and to finance those weeks of sun and leisure. Neither wealthy nor in the first flush of youth, but comfortable in where I am. Only goals that I seek to fulfil are touring further afield, maybe buying somewhere overseas, and finding a like minded person with whom to share it. Joys of life are playing badminton weekly, though I fear my gold medal chances are long gone. Books and music, my tastes in which are too many to list. Suffice to say that it ranges from classical to modern. I've seen Yes more times than I can recall, as well as Fleetwood Mac, Lindisfarne, Toto, Stackridge and Jake Thackeray, to name but a few. Despite my love of music, I will unashamedly grab the microphone at Karaoke, and am proud to say that I have yet to be hit by any missiles whilst so doing. I am fanatical about quizzes, and Sundays are spent doing crosswords, sudoku and brainteasers. Sad, innit? I treat football with contempt, but will avidly watch horse racing, (I used to work in the betting industry),cricket, and rugby union. My TV preferences are natural world, anything David Attenborough does is watched or recorded. Likewise Fry. Silent Witness, CSI, Body of Proof, Person of Interest and dramas of that ilk are a must, and most stand up comics. Brand and Gervais do not fall into this category. I have a backlog of Mastermind, University Challenge and 15 to 1 in case we have a rainy summer! I enjoy card games - not for gambling - cribbage is a favourite, as is bezique, but it's a while since I've found anyone else who plays it. Oh, Scrabble, too. I'm always ready with a quip, but my stand up comedy is restricted to a few gags between calling bingo at my local once a week. I wash, iron (find it quite therapeutic, actually), clean in and behind my ears, and cook to a level little better than basic. Do make a good tzatziki, chilli, or curry, but am A1 at salads. If you want to win my heart, I'm cheap. Just offer me fresh mango!). Dislike. Indecisive drivers, and girls here who ask for money (after asking you to use e mail/viber.) I won't send money for food, rent, nor someone else's children!
60 Northampton, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom
Seeking: Female 27 - 46
Hi, I have to say this has got to be the worst bit, trying to sell yourself without making it sound like an advert. I like to think I'm hard working, although I'm not sure the boss would agree, caring, honest and dependable. I'm currently separated, over 3 years now and the legal people are doing their bit and charging a fortune to sort out the rest. I am a father of two although neither live with me and are starting out on their own adventures and I thought it about time to start one of my own. Recently moved to Weedon which is great as there are plenty of takeaways locally. I do enjoy cooking but cooking for one is never much fun. I enjoy walking or cycling along the towpath of the local canal, not sure if I should leave that bit in as it sounds pretty boring? Love being by the sea no matter what the weather, so invigorating. I also enjoy going to the gym although I'm no fitness freak. Enjoy getting out on my motorbike when I can, bit of a fair weather rider though. Love travel which I get to do quite a lot of with my work and recently took up diving out in the Philippines which is now my new favourite thing! Love food hence the regular gym visits. When it comes to music I guess the most accurate description would be eclectic. I'm happy with my lot but would love to share some of my passions and create some wonderful memories with that special someone. I can't lay claim to the phrase "love is giving someone the power to destroy you.......but trusting them not too!" but I think the sentiment is just about spot on and would love the chance to get to that place with that special person. I'm sure there's lots more but it would be nice to find out those last bits about each other over a drink and a chat.
60 Daventry, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom
i'm a bit of a romantic eccentric who is looking for someone who is a trusted friend first and does not put too much importance on material things. i don't like tedium or routine or boring people who talk better than they listen. i'll try anything once, usually once only! i'm very broad-minded and tend to take people as i find them. i consider myself loyal, understanding, adventurous and tactile. but i can also be intolerent, stubborn, impatient and sarcastic, so be warned. someone once described me as being the worlds oldest teenager! also (not the same person though) said i was like a combination of contradictions. i quite like to travel. i like to get on one of my motorcycles whenever the time and weather permits. near europe being my favourite destination. i like my music too. i go from beethoven to lisa stansfield or wagner to pink floyd, depending on my mood. i like most types, i amazed the youngsters at work once when i announced i quite liked their garage music. i'm into glenn miller at the moment but in two or three weeks time it'll probably be something completely different. i used to be a regular cinema goer once. but i'm finding that there are too many remakes about, and modern hi-tech graphics are all very impressive but you can't beat the original. in my DVD collection, you'll find a wide variety of films. i tend to go for action. westerns, crime and war feature quite a lot. but there is also a fair few comedies, sci-fi and musicals. oh, and for the doubters out there who don't believe i have a romantic streak, you will find 'breakfast at tiffany's' too. about ten years ago i went into a mid-life crisis and learnt to fly light aeroplanes. it's something i always wanted to do but never seemed to have the time or the money for it. now i find i love being in the air but now have even less money! if you've managed to get this far, then i guess i must be doing something right. if you like the sound of me, then i'd love to hear from you. just don't blame me if you end up regretting it



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