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55 Heidelberg, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Seeking: Female 22 - 40
Drink: Don't drink
old, ugly but vey nice, smart and rich I do not mind you having kids as long as you do not expect me to support them. go back and ask the biological daddy "I cursed the sky to open I begged the clouds for rain I prayed to God for water For this burning in my veins It was like my soul's on fire And I had to watch the flames All my dreams went up in ashes And my future blew away" no moslems - no girls lving with or working for moslems. and still n o gold diggers, cam girls etc. Ladies stop asking strangers for money to pay your bills, food, rent or whatsoever. There are many bars in the Philippines hiring and the qualifications are not that demanding. Easy job good money. SIMPLICITY IS BEAUTY - A STATEMENT FROM GIRLS WHO HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO OFFER LOL NO INTEREST IN FAT OR UGLY GIRLS - THANKS BUT NO THANKS Ladies stop pretending just tell me how much money you need and of course I will send it right away Yeah ladies keep complaining about my profile but from about 1000 girls I spoke to over the last 3 years 99.9 percent asked for money. Thats my personal experience and nothing for you to criticise or complain about. Based on this experience of course I doubt every girls intention in the beginning. I do not give a rats a.. about the sad stories you tell I will NEVER send money to anyone I do not know in person Translation Filipina statements - real meaning looking for someone generous, soulmate blabla means: I am too lazy to work so i need someone to pay my bills seperated means: I can not afford anullment so someone else has to pay for it I need help: same as above, why should I work when i can scam or beg strangers for money or offer boring cam shows. looking for fun usually means: i do cam show when you pay or i spread my legs when we meet and you pay I like to travel or I want to travel or seeking first class ticket means again I do not have the frickn money so I need somone to pay
56 Verden, Lower Saxony, Germany
Seeking: Female 45 - 60
Drink: Don't drink
I am a very warm person. I have traveled a lot in the world. I think I'm very skilled at craftsmanship. Can even cook well, which is important. So you can spoil your partner for a while. I am a very attentive and emotional man. I also like it very much, if you and your partner are already doing something for the evening in the morning, even if it is different. But so you are looking forward to the evening and have a much better mood. I doN'T look at sports. Once in a while, but somehow it never really interested me. Don't drink beer. Well, Alster or something from time to time. Likes evening movies, fantasy, science fiction, docu´s, but also something with romance. Like to listen to calm music. Classical or instrumental, or play the piano itself when I have one again. Rock or pop, of course. So, of course, I don't want to waste a nice wine. However, he should be lovely. I also like to know what to do with my partner when time permits. I also love Egypt (Luxor) and the Asian region. I used to be there many times. But the old port of Marseille in the summer..... Breakfast there in the morning.....fresh croissants, strawberry jam and coffee. I love something like that. And finally enjoy it with a partner. Dream grade in front of me. But further.... I tell my partner what is. I like to speak to her when she or I come from work. I'm very honest, because everything always comes out. I'm very loyal. Need to be close to my partner. May not like to be labeled as a matter of course. Not alone together is a motto of mine. Of course, I'm not a shackle or a brace. I'm not jealous as I trust her. Sometimes I like to dream in front of me, what if. It is very important to me that I should be able to touch my partner. That she accepted you as you were and you didn't want to put anything under her. Is truly authentic and does not have to change. That she may be paying a little attention to her partner. And even talk when there are any problems.



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