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Ethan (31) 

Lelaki / Bujang / ID: 10455111
Louisville, Kentucky, United States
Mencari: Perempuan 27 - 35
Kepada: Persahabatan, Romance / Dating, Perhubungan Berkekalan

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Pendidikan: Sarjana Muda
Mempunyai anak: Tiada
Minum: Kadangkala minum
Merokok: Tidak Merokok
Agama: Budha
Pekerjaan: Teknikal / Sains / Kejuruteraan

Imagine arriving in a new exotic destination after crossing an ocean. A short cab ride and you've arrived at your hotel. But you are not tired. You walk down a street and cross into a tiny alley where smells of spices, seafood, and heat escape into the air and into your mind. You feel warm and invit...baca selanjutnya >>

Imagine arriving in a new exotic destination after crossing an ocean. A short cab ride and you've arrived at your hotel. But you are not tired. You walk down a street and cross into a tiny alley where smells of spices, seafood, and heat escape into the air and into your mind. You feel warm and invited as you walk past the red lanterns in the doorway. You have now arrived at a much storied Tokyo ramen noodle shop. Is it food or art? You soon realize that it is both and much appreciated nourishment for the soul after a long journey. The broth makes you happy and warm and each delicious bite reaffirms your decision that this trip was an awesome idea, and it has only just begun. I love going out for new adventures, taking photos of my travels. Although I find that as time goes on, I take less photos, and tend to get absorbed in the experience more. Which I like because its the memories of my travels that stay with me and mean the most in the end. I'm kind of half artsy half analytical. I get a lot of satisfaction out of solving problems and learning new things so I chose to become a software developer. I'm currently building some new apps. I'm fairly ambitious, I'm focused on building my career, traveling and finding my soulmate. For artiness I learned how to play guitar as a teenager and I still play when the mood strikes me. It's perfect for unwinding. I like learning about mysticism, psychology and eastern spirituality, which lead me to learn how to meditate when I was in college. And I still do and enjoy it quite a bit. I like to be absorbed in having long conversations about the differences and similarities between world cultures, ideally with like minded people, or brewing some fresh green tea and reading. I'm a little bit of a foodie, and really enjoy trying new restaurants. Being born with a natural curiosity about the world and my place in it has kept me from running out of things to learn about and do. And I enjoy being alive, and going after my dreams. I try to be a free spirit, but having a vision about what I want my future to be and a plan to get there sure makes things more manageable. And I feel free because I'm doing the things I want to do. As a kid I was a film buff and I still get excited when a favorite movie from my childhood comes on. I stay fairly active, I go running couple times a week, or once if it was a winter like the one we just had. haha I agree with George Carlin that golf courses should be turned into housing for the homeless. But I have also never played golf and I want to try to bring you a smile for reading this far. :) The more I think about it, this life and all it's apparent mysteries and difficulties are really some kind of blessing. And it's so fascinating that I can't wait to experience more of it- and after all of these years I'm still waiting for that next great magic. I'm looking to get to know someone, and if it blossoms into a meaningful relationship that would be great as well. Ultimately, I'm interested in a meaningful relationship that leads to . If you think we have things in common or are looking for the same thing, send me a message. I'll save the rest for another time. Best wishes and good luck in your search. "Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves, often come when life seems most challenging" Joseph Campbell

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Asas:  [ sembunyika soalan yang tidak berjawab ] 
Jantina: Lelaki Perempuan
Umur: 31 27 - 35
Tinggal di: Louisville, Kentucky, United States Mana-mana
Berpindah: Sanggup pindah ke negara lain Sanggup pindah ke negara lain, Sanggup pindah di sekitar negara sendiri
Warna rambut: Coklat Mana-mana
Panjang rambut: Panjang Mana-mana
Jenis rambut: Ikal Mana-mana
Warna mata: Hazel Mana-mana
Memakai kacamata: Cermin mata Mana-mana
Ketinggian: 6'0" (183 cm) 5'1" (155 cm) - Tiada Jawapan
Berat badan: 77 kg (169 lb) Mana-mana
Gaya Badan: Atletik Kecil molek, Kurus, Sederhana, Atletik
Etnik: Orang Putih Mana-mana
Bulu roma: Bercukur kemas N/A
Ciri Terbaik: Tidak mahu beritahu Mana-mana
Lukisan Badan: Tiada Mana-mana
Penampilan: Menarik Sangat menarik, Menarik, Sederhana
Gaya hidup 
Minum: Kadangkala minum Mana-mana
Merokok: Tidak Merokok Tidak Merokok
Status Perkahwinan Bujang Bujang
Mempunyai anak: Tiada Tiada
Bilangan Anak: N/A Mana-mana
Anak Sulung: N/A Mana-mana
Anak bongsu: N/A Mana-mana
Ingin (lagi) anak: Tidak pasti Mana-mana
Memiliki haiwan peliharaan: Tiada haiwan peliharaan Mana-mana
Pekerjaan: Teknikal / Sains / Kejuruteraan Mana-mana
Status Pekerjaan: Sepenuh masa Mana-mana
Pendapatan: Tidak mahu beritahu Mana-mana
Jenis rumah: Rumah Mana-mana
Situasi kedudukan: Tinggal sendiri Mana-mana
Latar Belakang / Nilai Budaya 
Nasionaliti: United States Mana-mana
Pendidikan: Sarjana Muda PhD atau kedoktoran
Bahasa harian: Inggeris Inggeris
Kebolehan berbahasa Inggeris: Fasih Fasih, Sangat bagus, Bagus
Agama: Budha Mana-mana
Nila-nilai Agama: Tidak terlalu Mana-mana
Zodiak: Pisces Mana-mana
Hobi & Minat
Hiburan: Astrologi, Bar / Pub / Kelab malam, Pantai / Taman, Kelab Komedi, Makan di luar, Akademik, Perpustakaan, Musik(Menonton), Musik(Bermain), Meditasi, Menonto wayang, Musium / Galeri, Filosopi / Kerohanian, Fotografi, Membaca, Sains dan teknologi, TV:Pendidikan / Berita, Merasa Wine
Makanan: Amerika, Perancis, Timur Tengah, Barbeku, Makanan Laut, Itali, Cina / Dim Sim, Korea, Vietnam
Muzik: Alteernatif, Klasik / Opera, Dance / Techno, Jazz / Blues, Pop, Reggae, Roc, World
Sukan: Aerobik, Bowling, Berbasikal, Berlari, Snooker, Berjalan, Yoga / Pilates

Someone to spend my life with :) Ideally someone who wants to travel, eat great food, and be there for each other. Someone who is kind, intelligent, honest. I'm looking for my soulmate. Someone to love for the rest of my life.

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