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Avigaile (24) 

Female / Single / ID: 12027689
General Trias, Cavite, Philippines
Seeking: Male 25 - 45
For: Penpal, Friendship, Romance / Dating, Long Term Relationship

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Education: Bachelors Degree
Have children: No
Drink: Don't drink
Smoke: Don't smoke
Religion: Christian - Catholic
Occupation: Technical / Science / Engineering

Good education and good job for my future partner not to be worried about. I am not like any other scammers/gold diggers here. I am also not for naughty video chats, horny conversations, nudes trading and the like. I am sorry. I am serious. I might block a lot of pretenders here and I would not ca...read more >>

Good education and good job for my future partner not to be worried about. I am not like any other scammers/gold diggers here. I am also not for naughty video chats, horny conversations, nudes trading and the like. I am sorry. I am serious. I might block a lot of pretenders here and I would not care. This is seriously not a summary. Not the typical human being you will meet everyday. How complicated I am? I've been single from 2010 to 2015 because I was waiting for someone I really like to be with. We've finally met on 2015 but things did not go well, after keeping myself for him for almost 5 years, he spent most of his time with another girl, I found out his luggage containing more than 30pcs of Magnum condoms which I suppose is enough to have the hint why he isn't being serious with me. :( On 2016, I decided to try dating thinking I will be happy again, but it was just for 6 months and unluckily, he randomly broke up with me and blocked me on Facebook without telling me why (maybe he got scared that I am so crazy in love with him that I might marry him ASAP and he's not ready to do that? or still wants to meet other girls to see if there's someone better?, I never knew though, that's just my conclusion). That's why I ended up single and scared again. My past doesn't determine who I am. Also, don't be like that A-hole who told be I am a shitty person that's why shitty things happen to me just because I did not send a pic of something he wanted to see. �� I am not a trophy girl but rest assured, I am one of the rare species. �� PERVERTS PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM ME I'M NOT AFTER HOOKUPS. NO LIES. If you got a GF / wife / live in partner, please don't try to contact me as I don't want to have issues with them I got nothing against being friends with you but I don't like to be accused of the things that I don't do on purpose. Also I don't want to foolishly fall for someone like mentioned above. I can investigate things about you, girls are the best FBIs in the world if they put their minds to it. ;) My name is Avigaile. Just call me Avi. I'd rather choose to eat brownies and pizza while watching a movie at home than to go clubbing. Nature sights. Best singer in the shower. Loves stepping on crunchy leaves. When I give out candies, I give those flavors which I don't like. I wear matching socks all the time. No socks rather than wearing unmatching socks. Engineering Degree. Coffee Fanatic. Chocoholic. Incurable Reader. When I like to read it, I will. I don't read every book I will get, just the ones which make me feel interested. Basketball. DIY crafts Coloring Stuff Crochet, sewing. Libra. Sometimes, I do and groom my brows but that doesn't mean I got no eyebrow hairs, I got thick ones HAHA! Lipstick is life. I don't feel I am me if my lips are pale. I can notice small details of anything I see or remember. I can spend time alone and be not sad about it. Dealing with people is not a problem to me but if I don't like someone, I will really make them feel that I am not comfy with them around me. I only cook for people I care about. I am Asian, and I was born with rice as my twin, do not judge me please. I'd reducing rice intake now to lose weight. Animals, I have spent my life dealing with my dad's animals (chickens, ducks, turkeys, dogs, pigs, cows) I might be a bit boyish but I am sure that I am into boys. I am just not the very girly type but yeah, I dress neatly and nicely on special occasions. I also know how to do my own makeup. I think I got a little bit of OCD, in terms of colors, reports generations, spellings (I don't embarrass people though I just feel frustrated if I see misspelled words, I am not perfect nor good with "English" but I just feel this way) Sometimes, I feel sorry to everyone for being me. I like pink but I have a lot of black-colored things. Hilarious Lines to Make You Happy. Shy type person at the start and annoying one after. I pretend to be tough coz I experienced being bullied the worst during my childhood and puberty, also at work but I can manage to reverse their bullying nowadays. I like to play games, especially zombie/gun games. Currently hooked up with PUBG and Rules of Survival (mobile) I watch a lot of movies. I like sci-fi, animation, fantasy adventures, action, but please not always drama and sad plots. I easily cry on sad things and my eyes become puffy from crying. Never been to a lot of places just like the majority of people showing their best pics here. I am sorry that I can't do boasting about mountains/beaches shots but I still go out by myself. Too ugly to cheat on you. 5 feet, 60 kilograms. chubby. I wear eyeglasses, not 20/20 vision anymore but I can still see without them, I am near-sighted. You can ask me about anything you wanna know and I will answer you wholeheartedly. My juniors asked me to take this "trending test" to let me know who I am. This might help you, I turned out to be “THE ADVOCATE” (INFJ-T) on 16 personalities. CLICK HERE - https://www.16personalities.com/infj-personality RELATIONSHIPS - https://www.16personalities.com/infj-relationships-dating PARENTHOOD - https://www.16personalities.com/infj-parents If you can bear with my almost-sneezing-accidentally-took-a-selfie shot, then you're the one I am looking for! PS. Sorry but I don't message first. I got a traumatic experience of rejection and ignoring that makes me be this way. PPS. If you think that I am living my life the boring way, please do not reach out to me.

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Gender: Female Male
Age: 24 25 - 45
Lives in: General Trias, Cavite, Philippines Any
Relocate: Willing to relocate to another country Willing to relocate to another country, Willing to relocate within my country
Hair color: Black Any
Hair length: Long Any
Hair type: Straight Any
Eye color: Black Any
Eye wear: Glasses Any
Height: 5'0" (152 cm) 5'1" (155 cm) - 7'3" (220 cm)
Weight: 58 kg (128 lb) Any
Body style: Average Any
Ethnicity: Asian Any
Facial hair: N/A Any
Best feature: My Smile Any
Body art: None Any
Appearance: Attractive Very attractive, Attractive, Average, Below average
Drink: Don't drink Any
Smoke: Don't smoke Any
Marital Status: Single Any
Have children: No Any
Number of children: N/A Any
Oldest child: N/A Any
Youngest child: N/A Any
Want (more) children: Yes Any
Have pets: Fish Any
Occupation: Technical / Science / Engineering Any
Employment status: Full Time Prefer not to say, Other, Full Time, Part Time, Retired
Income: Prefer not to say Any
Home type: House Any
Living situation: Live with family Any
Background / Cultural Values 
Nationality: Philippines Any
Education: Bachelors Degree Any
Languages spoken: English,Tagalog Any
English ability: Fluent Any
Religion: Christian - Catholic Any
Religious values: Religious Any
Star sign: Libra Any
Bust: 34" (86 cm) N/A
Waist: 29" (73 cm) N/A
Hips: 39" (99 cm) N/A
Hobbies & Interests
Entertainment: Antiques, Art / Painting, Beach / Parks, Camping / Nature, Collecting, Computers / Internet, Cooking / Food and Wine, Crafts, Education, Family, Gardening / Landscaping, Home Improvement, Karaoke / Sing-along, Music (Listening), Music (Playing), Movies / Cinema, Museums / Galleries, Pets, Photography, Poetry, Reading, Video / Online Games, Watching Sports
Food: American, French, Barbecue, Seafood, Italian, Southwestern, Chinese / Dim Sum, Japanese / Sushi, Continental, Korean, Mediterranean, Fast Food / Pizza, Mexican
Music: Alternative, Country / Folk, Jazz / Blues, New Age, Pop, Rap, Reggae, Religious, R'n'B / Hip Hop, Rock, Soft Rock, World
Sport: Aerobics, Athletics, Baseball / Softball, Basketball, Biking, Hiking, Jogging / Running, Table Tennis, Tennis / Badminton, Walking

Anyone. From anywhere. I believe that it isn't a spark that I need. It's something more than that. I don't have any standards as I believe that you'll feel he is the one in the right time. HOW ARE WE GOING TO SEND MESSAGES TO EACH OTHER IF WE ARE BOTH STANDARD USERS? :( I know you are there, I...read more >>

Anyone. From anywhere. I believe that it isn't a spark that I need. It's something more than that. I don't have any standards as I believe that you'll feel he is the one in the right time. HOW ARE WE GOING TO SEND MESSAGES TO EACH OTHER IF WE ARE BOTH STANDARD USERS? :( I know you are there, I am just waiting for you to message me first. I have always been a patient person who can wait, but not until I die lol! Someone who wants kids and dogs. Who can bear with my mood swings and bad temper at times. Understanding, caring and very loving. A jealous one is cute for me, makes me feel secured. Someone who's got goals in life. Someone who doesn't see pretty faces and sexy bodies but rather beautiful minds and hearts. I want someone who is ready to spend his lifetime listening to my endless stories. Someone who knows how to appreciate small things. Someone who's decent and respectful. Lastly, someone who is HONEST AND LOYAL, who will not choose the hoe of the night over the girl of his life. PS: To you, I know you are just out there, waiting for me to come. I hope you can wait for me until whenever coz I'm here waiting for you, too. I'm still on my way to a lifetime with you. PPS: If you're just like the other guys out there, who prefers having "tour guides" whether from Thailand, Malaysia, Hongkong, Singapore, Philippines, etc, please don't bother reaching out to me. It's my turn off among guys who gets instant tour guides from the countries they go to. You might even just wanting some sexy time and I don't want to waste my time and your time if we are not looking for the same thing. You might pretend that you're not, but remember that girls are like FBI agents when it comes to trust issues ;) This is from "ReadProfiyl", just a random person who listed me as his favorite and I liked his profile very much because this is what he says......Every guy out there should read this and evaluate yourselves before trying to contact me. I am not like an average Asian girl who will fall into your plans just to get me naked on your hotel bed. ;) . There are websites that teach men how to get a lot of girls and how to have many girls when traveling to countries like the Philippines. One of the words is .. Pipelining .... “Pipelining” is what guys do in preparing to travel to philippines or other places to have a schedule of different girls they can meet to have sex with. Meetings are typically arranged online through social networking and dating sites. The goal is to have some girls lined up .. ‘in the pipeline’ before he arrives in manila, cebu or other city, having different girls lined up increases his chances for more sex with different girls. .. do a search for example... " Pipelining in Manila " scroll down and read the comments on some of those sites and see how guys make strategy. BE VERY AWARE.. IF HE IS WANTING YOU TO MEET YOU IN MANILA OR SOME CITY without meeting your family first.. Then just know.. HE is LINING UP MORE GIRLS TO COME MEET HIM. He is a sex tourist. And He wants You to be his toy. He will say it is not true if you ask him. Of course they will lie. So don't even ask directly. Just listen when he tells you his schedule and that he only has a couple days in manila or cebu or some other city and then has other businesses to take care of.. They want to get sex from you and will say anything to get it. Many of these guys want the girls to come to him. Stay with him a night or maybe two because he will say He has to go somewhere else for business. His Business is getting you out of the room, maybe switching hotels and waiting for the next one to arrive. Then maybe after that. He will message and say he is flying back to see you again. ... He will say that if he wants to have sex with you again. ... later he goes home and then has alot of work, and stress, etc.. .. anything to fade away.. .. Bottom Line:.he is not willing to be committed to you. otherwise, Where is the proposal? sometimes guys will come there just for you, wanting you to be their travel partner. That might be a better experience if he is already willing to spend a week or more with just you from the beginning but even then do you really know someone enough to go spend a week or more "having fun". ?? will it really be fun?. from what i hear, the heartache is much greater than the little bit of fun. when he fades away. ... .. it is better to masterbate and take care of your own needs than getting messed up by some user, who lies to take your energy. Take care of yourself and save the heartache. .. .. Also Beware of Facebook .. People are going to put images that make it look like they have good life. You don’t really know a person until you spend time with them. And to see if they are patient. … its all images, putting fun and great photos...... don't fall for images...you really don't know the guy... people put their best and fun life on facebook, not the sad and hurt..and the anger and the perverted nature... .you can't see that on f.b. .. also ..they can use f.b. to see what you like and they can pretend to have same interests. Alot of Horrible stories about meeting on facebook. .. ... .... ... anyway, if they travel there ... .. why don't he come to your home first and visit your family if he is interested in you? if he comes to visit you.. Wait and see how he reacts when you tell him you want to wait before having sex. Many guys start to get frustrated, and that will be a Big Sign he is just there to get sex. ... .. Make him wait.. and Then See if he will come back a second time to visit you. You will protect yourself from alot of harm if you do this and you won't be giving yourself away to a man who will never marry you and will just take a piece of your heart when he is out of your life. Less of your heart remaining for your future husband.. If any man is willing to marry at all. Many are not wanting a girl who has gone around having fun with fu%Kboys and then the girl wants to settle for a “nice” guy later. Those “nice” guys are a lot smarter and they are giving up on these type of girls. .. If you do want the travel and experience.. Be Safe... and for sure don't let him do unnatural things,.. don't be swallowing a man's sperm if he is not your life long partner, husband, soul mate, don't give it all away. Hold something back.. don't give it all... Better to Screen those men.. many have demons. Guys are wanting girls to do unnatural things. For example. many guys seem to want anal sex. DISGUSTING!!! RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN!! You are inviting demons into your life... A guy who wants that has mind disease and is out of harmony with nature.. what kind of life are you going to build with a guy like that.. and He is more like to have a physical diseases. This is how people get sick .. physically and spiritually, .. NEVER LET A MAN DO THAT. RESPECT YOURSELF and NATURE!!! That is NOT how Creator and Nature designed your body. It is an exit hole for waste, not for entry. It is unnatural and disgusting and a shame.. These men only want to satisfy themselves and cause you harm.. If a man likes anal sex.. Run away.. Delete and move on. maybe use this as a screening tool to get rid of the perverts. screen them out cleverly. even The nice ones... who are pretending.. but don't care about laws of nature....and doesn't care about his health or yours.... .... How to screen them? ask guys in a clever way... for example you can say to the guy... ... ""my girlfriend and I were talking about anal sex and we were kind of curious about it ,what do you think about it? "" most often their reply will be , .. "if two people love each other, then anything is possible. " probably some bullsh*t answer like that. .. Just know that if he is into it. He is a pervert . Does not care about the Creator and the laws of Nature.. .. He doesn’t care about your health.. . He doesn’t care about the way the Creator designed your bodies, Doesn't care about cleanliness and bacteria. .. Be AWARE of this!! They don't care!!!. they want their own pleasure at your expense , of guilt and shame and injury. ... Block them and move on in my opinion. BLOCK ALOT. stop being so damn nice to these devils. Block and smile at yourself in the mirror and flex every time you block. If all girls stop giving themselves so easily.. then men would also have to stop being perverts and maybe focus on building a deep meaningful relationship with one. . but for now the candy store is open and its easy to get... so many men want to try different pieces of candy. Anyway... Men need to also be better leader. .. most have been raised on television, radio and movies.. watching porn and playing video games.. etc.. and what standards does t.v. teach?... .. .. that sh*t destroys family values.. .. Just know that men like challenges and highly value a woman's sex.. if its easy to get, then no reason for man to stay with .. there is no need to invest.. they got the prize. ... Alot of girls are afraid they will lose him if they don't have sex with him.. so they are thinking and “hoping” that maybe he is going to really love her if she has pleases him with sex. WRONG. just the opposite.. He will move on eventually looking for a another target and challenge to conquer. GET SMART. The possibility to have strong future family is being destroyed by perverts just trying to have a little fun .. Every girl will tell you that pain of the man Not sticking with them is much greater then the short time good feeling they might have had having sex. The pain of heartache lasts too long for some. More easy to masterbate and take care of your needs... God made us a certain way. We are also sexual beings but for a woman she really wants to bond with one special man and build a home. So take heart and take care of yourself. Better than giving your energy to a devil and suffering the heartache and shame. ….. Make your future Home a place of light and beauty. .... If you ever do have one come to meet you.. surprise him by ASKING TO SEE HIS CELL PHONE. .. BE Strong !! This takes Courage... but You got to have it.. THIS IS YOUR LIFE WE ARE TALKING ABOUT. PROTECT YOURSELF.. when you ask him seriously... watch his reaction.. Be Firm and Strong.. but watch.. Most time they will be uncomfortable.. or try to laugh at you maybe but ask again.. and Watch !!! ... probably going to get uncomfortable and upset very fast.. ... and say " I don't ask to see yours " “ or that is my private property “ .. ... that doesn’t sound like love and trust to me.. ... and be ready to show him your cell phone. Even if he is having other conversations he should be willing to show you and explain... but I doubt he will want to show you how many other girls he is still flirting with. Most all of them are playing games.. Give yourself to that and you will only have heartache. WAKE UP !!! this site doesn't show you the heartache stories. there is 10 or 20 pictures of couples who found love here.. .. Out of many many many thousands of members... .. and of course we will never see the many stories of heartache. .. WAKE UP. Respect yourself. Your actions and decisions matter.. Taking good care of Your Soul your name , your heart, your life.. This is the real beauty of a woman. .. .. copy, paste , print.. study this . talk about this with your girls.. and warn them.. and teach the children well. .. i dedicate this profile to one of my teachers of life.. may he rest in peace and the memory of him continue to inspire me. .. .. he was tough with me but i needed that to wake up ... he also told me to warn, and encourage. ...For now, i make this in his memory, maybe someday i will make my own profile for relationship but need to stay focused on the mission which is posting this. May you take good care of your life. . stay strong.. gain power.. don't be nice .. be strong when those vampires try to drain your energy.. they are clever and will say anything. Test those devils and see how their minds have been perverted . You got to take good care of your life energy. BE STRONGER THAN EVER!

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